Venta Airwasher LW15 2-in-1 Humidifier&Purifier

At the time of the acquisition of Venta LW15, we already had a humidifier Timberk THU 03 UL in our house. Just a simple humidifier was not enough to us, our daughter suddenly became allergic to wool. Our dog lived with us for three years as a member of the family. So before giving this member to another host, even grandparents; we decided to try all methods. The allergist gave us 6 months. We quickly decided to buy an Air Purifier. Prices were of great amount for good cleaners and did not wanted to overpay. Thanks to friends who offered to give us Venta airwasher LW15 for monthly testing.


-Does not require replacement of filters. Water was to be poured straight from the tap and washed once a week from inside.

-Perfectly moisturizes the air in the room. I was not like the traditional way to moisturize, no steam was visible (like the ultrasonic Timberk), and the freshness and coolness actually felt.

-Ease of management (total 4 buttons: on/off +1.2, 3 (speed))

-Switches off when the water runs out.


-Working was very noisy. Even during the day when the noise should be less pronounced, with 2 or even 1 second speed, my daughter requested turn off this unit because it interfered with her homework. For comparison, baby Timberk, standing on the windowsill in front of her desk and working at full capacity, it had not prevent her to sleep under it.

-Minimal air cleaning. No destruction of allergy containing dust and it seemed to me that only at a distance of 50 cm at maximum, the air was clean.

-Price of 10 thousand for such a simple design is clearly overstated. One man in the room called it the “bucket of cleaner with a propeller.” In fact, there is a plastic box, water is poured into it, the inside fan runs with two sides (not even with four), the air passes through the water and comes out, the dust settles in the water. The dust really was in the water, the water was grey when it was opened for the wash, but the dust of floors and shelves had not subsided. It was not capable of helping to get rid of allergies or at least alleviate her symptoms.

-Not convenient to move, no pens, no wheels are not provided. It weighs 3 lbs and it’s the same without water. And when it’s actually even 5 liters of water, I being a woman moved it in the right direction with a kick. Well if we had a carpet or laminate this would not have worked.

The bottom line: the humidifier is expensive and noisy and a bad cleaner. Gratefully returned the Ventoux to friend and bought myself even more expensive Daikin MC70LVM.

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