Ultra easy blood glucose meter

I wanted to write this comment long ago, but I couldn’t just sit and do it. I didn’t see much interest to such devices. But unfortunately, diabetes poisons more and more human beings, especially young ones. That’s why I’d like to introduce the hero of the comment One Touch Ultra Easy blood glucose meter (I have a blue one).

I didn’t buy it myself; it was given to me in a children’s hospital when I was 12. Then it seemed to me to be a nice and even amazing little thing. But now I understand that it is very important.

  • Fast and precise result
  • Painless puncture
  • Only one drop of blood is necessary
  • It has memory (for 50 results I think)
  • Time and date of procedure is marked
  • Easy navigation

The case is very convenient. Everything necessary fits there and you have no problems carrying it around. You even can attach it to a belt!

Now about the inside. The set includes the glucose meter itself, stick-lancet for puncturing, header for the stick to puncture the palm (I dropped it as I didn’t need it) and (possibly) the test strips (50 units). Also it has instructions. The whole set is sold in a box, which I didn’t keep.

The only minus is expensive test strips – the price is from $25 to $40. That’s the reason why I used another glucose meter during last half year.

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