Tiny Love Crosby Clip-On Crab Reviews

Crosby Clip-On Crab
Crosby Clip-On Crab

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Tiny Love Clip-On Crab Stroller Toy
Tiny Love Clip-On Crab Stroller Toy


Delightful and engaging on-the-go crab-shaped stroller toy
Delightful and engaging on-the-go crab-shaped stroller toy
Hang Crosby Crab on your infant carrier
Hang Crosby Crab on your infant carrier

Crab “Sebastian” it’s funny electronic toy with 2 pincers-clothespins by means of crab toy to attached to arcs of rugs, a walking baby pram, beds or to the baby car seat. Two pincers to provide safety and reliability bracing to all modern types a baby equipments.  Funny hanger-crab “Sebastian” with sound and light effects will become the lovely friend for your baby. The body of crab made of plastic and represents the interactive musical center with blinking colored lights and built-in dynamic. On a head placed volume control and lever mode switching. To belly of crab to attached hanging toy in the form of starfish that to performs an addition function as safty teether. The toy to equipped with an electronic unit that could play 5 different melodies by overall duration about 15 minutes. Two mode of using light and music available: independent and combined. Also the toy equipped with volume control (including silent mode).

Castumer Reviews of  Crosby Crab:

Tiny Love Crosby Clip-On Crab is wonderful quality toy! Child delighted. Toy is not boring, although we play with it every day. Child love rustling crab legs and blinking lights.

Good toy, made qualitatively. My daughter loved the crab.

Super toy! Seen at a party, then the child loved this crab and then we went to buy the crab on the way to home for myself! The daughter has not parted with crab and in the car, and in a wheelchair, and at home she always playing with crab.

Pity that melodies not so long as we would like. Crab is super toy!


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7 thoughts on “Tiny Love Crosby Clip-On Crab Reviews”
  1. Liked, especially for my daughter, crab became one of her favorite toys! Sprocket on bottom can gnaw.
    For us is actual. One may to attach to pram, to car seat. Storage batteries 3 pieces. AAA of 1000 mAh enough for 2,5-3 weeks for daily usage (about 1 hour). Shortcomings are not revealed.
    The child’s delight third week, i.e. good impressions.

  2. My son is 18 years old. My son is 18 years old. He is very happy, and throughout this year, I bought the Crosby Crab and it became part of our family. His name Lyolik. True once my drunk brother (Uncle Vanya) while the influence of alcohol was nearly cooked it ….

  3. Conveniently that Crosby crab can be mounted anywhere on a pram, on a car seat. If on a road baby starts to be capricious than Crosby Crab “Sebastian” instantly soothes the baby crab songs. And when the daughter saw colored lights at the first time, her eyes grew like 5 cents 🙂
    Would play a little longer. Well after 20 minutes turns off. Need to re-run.
    Perfect Crosby crab! Recommendation – take, you will not regret!

  4. Awesome Crosby crab! Playing for a week. Baby 3 months, the crab hanging on crib, child knocks on the star and spellbound watching on a lights and smiling when play music.
    Only 3 melodies, 2 and 3 are very short. No volume control.
    Child busy for an hour, so it is possible at this time to do chores. Purchase satisfied.

  5. Qualitative materials, good music accompaniment.
    Child interested immediately after saw the Crosby crab! Plays with pleasure until now.

  6. Can distract baby but not for long that allows for mom to have a cup of tea. Monotonous music, little melodies.
    Bought Crosby crab when the child was 3 months.
    At first she was afraid of crab. Once hung and switch on a music baby immediately began to cry. Now we are 4 months and now she likes crosby crab. She knocks sprocket by hand and like all children her age drags it into his mouth.

  7. Crab toy is bright and cheerful. Conveniently fastens thanks to clips. Colored lights are flashing. There are rustling elements but for our baby the crab has not approached. He not become interested.
    Shortcomings: firstly there is no volume control, secondly crab is very quietly playing. May have a defective, tried to change the batteries. It absolutely inaudible!
    To be honest really hoped to crab but his disappointed. 🙁

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