Sewing Machine Janome My Style 100

When the time came to buy a sewing machine, I studied different models and read feedbacks from previous customers. I eventually bought the very type which turned out to fit me best.

What I needed:

  • One which was not very expensive.
  • One which was without extra frills. I don’t sew often. When I do, it mostly just hemming and straight stitching.
  • One which didn’t require me to change needles and settings. I wanted the sewing machine to be able to sew on many thicknesses and types of cloth, just as I purchased the sewing machine.

Inexpensive sewing machines for novice seamstresses with the above parameters are offered by companies such as Brother (China) and Janome (Taiwan).

In reviewing the feedback for the two sewing machines, I was drawn to Janome and selected the Janome MyStyle100 model for its ability to handle various thicknesses of fabric with the same needle within reasonable limits ( extra thin and extra thick cloth it won’t take). I don’t need that, to tell the truth. The main thing is to be able to sew jeans.

As for using the same needle, I have sewn a bedcover with patches of different thickness. All stitches are steady without a single loose or tight stitch. There are three spare needles in the set, all of the same thickness.

The sewing machine is electro-mechanical with the speed regulated with a foot pedal.

After I started using the sewing machine, I regretted the lack of fancy stitches, though at first I didn’t think about it and preferred the minimum set.

The threading is simple; everything is indicated with figures 1-2-3-4 and arrows in the thread direction.

Among its peculiarities are: the sewing spool is fixed horizontally, it’s convenient. In older models, I used to drop it accidentally.

Also, I was surprised by the absence of a spool holder as the spool is inserted directly into the sewing machine which is convenient. The cover is transparent – it’s doubly convenient – the remainder of the under-thread is visible.

The free arm platform means when you can remove the front unit (it’s hollow and the spare parts are kept there) and the remaining part does not rest upon the table.

As for the rest, it does not differ from other models: it has light, has a reverse speed, a thread-winder onto the spool and semi-automatic loop making.
I recommend the purchase of this simple, inexpensive, no-frill machine with good quality sewing capability.

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