Sewing Machine Brother ModerN 50e

I have to say, that I am a very bad seamstress, but in general such occupation is what makes my heart happy as well as pleasing my mother’s too.
We gave a thought to switching machines long ago, because we had 2 of them, and one of the others was truly ancient, however we didn’t make that decision because we were embarrassed to show off riches from a present. In addition it was very difficult to look out for the friend’s opinions. This is why everyone praises their own opinion, which truly isn’t surprising. In general, we sought a sewing machine with a good price, an existence of a backstitch serger , a free-arm platform , general handiness and of course being able to make ornamental stitches. That is after all what the female heart seek! Those were after all the various selection criteria. Then too in anticipation of the appearance of a baby in our family, my mother and I were bent on purchasing this particular unit. Thus we wanted something that enabled us to darn things, alter, and sew diapers as well. So, we sought a sewing machine that could do simple operations.
To tell the truth, we were afraid that we would look around for couple of days and then lose heart, and finally put the question on the furthest of back burners. However, the biggest advantage of this sewing machine is ease and understandability in using it, and having tried it once, one finds that one can repeat it without difficulty. Also we loved the schematic tips found on the case as to what to do. Actually it operates on a main power supply, which is activated by your leg on its floorboard and depending on the pressure, the sewing speed changes as desired. That we found was very convenient.

The sewing machine is outfitted with backlighting in the form of one small bulb. This function was extremely useful especially in night-time. By the way the set comes with a sewing machine cover, bobbins, needles, and tabs.
I made short work of changing tabs and needles and by the way there is possibility of double needle sewing.
The sewing machine is computerized and if suddenly something goes wrong, it shows you a bug.
In general we are very satisfied with this acquisition! And, by the way, the sewing machine weighs practically nothing as contrasted with aged analogs.

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