Sewing machine Brother LS2125

I want to tell my whole story. When I got married, my husband and I decided to spend part of our gift money on necessary household appliances (washing machine, vacuum cleaner and so on). My mother strongly advised us to buy a sewing machine, as well but we ignored her advice. I thought there was no need to spend 150 dollars on a sewing machine when we would use it only once in a year to hem up new trousers. It seemed easier to carry them to the atelier and spend two dollars rather than to do it myself. Besides, the machine would be worth it. However, my mother said every good housewife should have a sewing machine at home as it would be useful. So, together with my father, she gave one to me as a birthday present (I can’t express how “happy” I was). My parents gave me a sewing machine manufactured by Brother. I don’t remember the model, but it wasn’t feature-packed. Some time later, I realized my mother had been right. We took out a mortgage and our baby was born and every penny counted. I started sewing, catching up and stitching up by myself.

Then our flat was broken into and the robbers took my sewing machine as well. It was pathetic, but I had to buy a new machine as now I was sure that it really saved our money (below I will explain how). I decided to buy a Brother again and this model caught my attention: a low price (100 dollars), easy-to –work, all functions included except serger (only expensive special machines have it or it is bought separately). Besides the seller was good and didn’t try to push something more expensive on me. She told me everyone took this model, even clothing repair shops. There was not a single refund and the vendors barely were able to get in enough machines. Of course I bought the same Brother LS-2125!

This model has many advantages! 14 types of stitches! Automatic bobbin winding! Lighting of the working area! Convenient pedal which enables the choice of machine speeds! Reverse sewing! A removable table with a section for accessory keeping, and the possibility of “free sleeve” function (convenient for trousers hemming)! Easy threading (just like grandmother’s old machines)! The set includes spare accessory (spools, screwdriver, needles, etc.)! Moderate noise, the child was sleeping in an adjoining room with open doors! With the possibility of sewing, mending, embroidering and attaching buttons! It’s just a wonderful sewing machine!

I have hemmed a lot of trousers and jeans, not only for our family but for neighbors as well! I have sewn curtains for the hall, nursery and kitchen! I have sewn a changing mat for my son when he was a baby, not to mention all the clothes mended, especially pants and crawlers (everybody knows how clothes sewed at factories come apart at the seams)! I have remade bed linen making one set for two inherited from my grandmother; they are more pleasant to sleep on than expensive satin ones, to tell the truth)! Yet I have sewed napkins, bed-linens for the crib and a lot of other things – I don’t remember them all! Now I am going to sew a fancy dress for myself, as there are a lot of beautiful fabrics in the shops, The only thing that stops me is that I don’t have a serger.

In the end, I want to say that it’s necessary to buy a sewing machine! Quality-to-price ratio is perfect!

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