Sewing machine Brother LS-2125

If you don’t own and use a sewing machine, I feel sorry for you.

In my opinion, the refrigerator and sewing machine are the two most needed household appliances. Well, the gas stove is also important.

My sewing machine was a birthday gift two years ago. I suffered before I received it. I couldn’t mend clothing or alter jeans—it was a real torture for me. But, at last I received it!

The simple model with its most basic functions is suitable for beginners.


The machine is electro-mechanical and line operated. It is not too heavy, weighing about three kilos. Girls can lift and place it. It wasn’t too heavy for me at all.

There are 26 main parts to the machine:

  • Tuning knob for backstitches
  • Calibration screw for tasseling stitch
  • Take-up lever
  • Removal table with a storage compartment
  • Thread tension regulator
  • Reverse reinforcement stitch button
  • Presser adapter unit
  • Adapter take-down screw
  • Foot
  • Needle plate for zigzag
  • Lock-stitch
  • Bobbin
  • Fabric conveyor combs
  • Needle
  • Needle clamp screw
  • Shuttle cover
  • Reel plug
  • Winding device
  • Balance wheel
  • Foot hub
  • Clamp lifting arm
  • On-off switch
  • Carrying handle
  • Grain line
  • Foot

There is a handbag style purse with compartments for needles, a zigzag foot and a mini-screwdriver for adjustment of the stitch length. There is a jigger for buttons and bobbins in the pack.

The sewing machine is powered by means of a foot pedal with a cord. One end is inserted in the socket and the other into the machine. We then press on the start button, which causes the illumination lights to come on. By the way, it is bright enough to see the work even when sewing in a room with low lights.

When I first began to use the sewing machine, I should have been aware of the need to regulate the speed by the amount of force applied to the power foot. If you press harder, it sews faster and vice versa. Because I was used to the feel of my grandmother’s old sewing machine, I had to learn how to adjust my foot pressure to control the speed.

Sewing machine bobbin threading:

On the front panel, there is a tuning knob for a type of back-stitch. There are ten types of stitches, two for straight stitches and zigzags, both fashion stitches, blind stitch, cockleshell. The length of the stitch is adjusted by screwdriver, but the default is an average length.

There is a sewing key in the opposite direction, which is used for fixing and strengthening of seams, I tried to use it but it often tangles the threads,  so I cut off in the old manner.

In the instruction of sewing machine, there are very detailed descriptions so you won’t get confused. There is a table of combinations of fabrics and threads, the sizes of needles. It is shown in drawings where and how to use different types of stitch. The simplest straight  10-11 number is most often used.

The sewing machine can do:

  • Blind stitch for patches
  • Elastic stitch for repair and gathering
  • Lines cockleshells for shaped edge sewing on fine fabrics
  • Baste out loops for buttons
  • Sew lightnings
  • Darning
  • Assembly
  • Applique (a stitch “zigzag”)
  • Embroidery, monograms

and others!

I didn’t try all the functions for two years.  I don’t sew very often, but the more I use the functions, the more uses I find for the options.

I will give advice to future customers trying to decide what kind of sewing machine to buy:

Do you want simple and cheap, or more advanced but more expensive?

I suggest you determine how often you are going to use it. If you only sew once per month to hem a garment, as I do, there is no need to overpay for a model which has many functions that you won’t be using. I repeat, I use several types of stitches, but I am not a professional. If you sew regularly, not just hemming curtains, and you sew dresses, blouses and suits, and you want to finish them beautifully, use a serger (which is not included on this sewing machine).  Otherwise, buy a more functional model. Good luck with your future acquisition!

And this sewing machine is super for me! 

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