Sewing machine Bernina 2092c

Bernina Bernette 2092c c is my first sewing machine.

When I initially purchased it, I couldn`t sew at all, thus that`s why I didn`t know what I wanted from this machine. A consultant from the shop advised I purchase it and I relied on him. I thought it was great that a sewing machine had a tremendous amount of pros (since it performs approximately 100 different operations, diverse kinds of loops, displays and so on!)

I`ve been using this sewing machine for approximately a year and a half. Some things are fantastic, however there are a lot of disadvantages.


1) It is easy to put thread. It looks incredibly simple, yet I have never seen such a convenient needle threader on any other sewing machines, even those of higher quality.

2) It can work with fabrics that feature medium density.

3) Indeed, it has many dissimilar kinds of machine stitching. You will even have the opportunity to sew letters, however I have never utilized that feature. I believe that it can be suitable only for towels.

4) Automatically forms 9 kind of the loops.

5) There are numerous types of feet in a set (for zippers, buttons, etc.)


1) This sewing machine is not suitable for thin fabrics. You have to spend a lot of time selecting threads, needles, however that is not always helpful, thus one should use extra material such as water-soluble paper as found in the Avalon brand.

2) The same problem with thicker fabrics will occur. I sewed outerwear (jackets, jumpsuits) for children. The machine worked very well with summer, and spring, but not thick jackets. When I tried making for winter clothing, this sewing machine was awful. Also membranes are not an exception. The machine can sew it perfectly well one time, but skip the stitches another time.

3) Not all loops were beautiful. Some of them I judged were truly bad.

4) Overlock stitching could be used for more or less thick fabrics. However, there wasn`t a nice edge on thin as well as the middle thickness ones.

5) The soft case is not at all protective.

If I bought a sewing machine for beginners again, I would choose another trademark. I would pick one with minimum kinds of stitching in order to learn sewing and following that, I would decide on whatever else I needed. Also I would be more careful as to whether I needed a more qualitative one. or I will use it for more simple operations such as darning.

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