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Pressure Multicooker Redmond RMC-M110

Multicooker Redmond RMC-M110
Pressure Multicooker Redmond RMC-M110

Stylish made in stainless steel case universal multicooker with pressure-cooker function. Thanks to a wide broad range preinstalled cooking programs of cooking allows to cook almost any meal. And in case none of the programs does not meet the necessary requirements of cooking is provided a program custom setting “The chef”.

Multicooker REDMOND RMC-M110 5L, 55 programs
Multicooker REDMOND RMC-M110 5L, 55 programs

Castomer reviews of multicooker Redmond RMC-M110

Very great design, convenient control panel, a book of recipes is good. Excellent cooks meat, soups, porridges, quickly tenderize beans, peas. If you decide to buy this model I’m recommend to buy!

Poor bakes apple pie, not baked in the top of the pie, he stays dampish. Release valve to spatters soup after his cooking. In overall good impressions.

A lot of programs!!! Cooks quickly, tasty. Most importantly we bought her more cheaper than she cost now (difference $60). Convenient control panel. Does not take a lot of space.
All write about a steam discharge valve. At the first time I’m faced with this too (cooks porridge), porridge flied everywhere.

Using this multicooker all summer! All really like. One of the main advantages – quick cooking time. Beet on a steam within 15 minutes. Cooked in her plum jam – 22 minutes!

If you need to quickly open multicooker, you should quickly blow away a steam. Then together with the steam through the valve food go out (broth, milk, jam). Main problem after that carefully clean a valve.

Overall, very pleased. Recommend to all!

Very comfortable, a lot of programs, food is very tasty. Don’t like the high pressure valve, handling is not very convenient. Great multicooker with simple controls, anyone will understand.

Speeds up the cooking time several times! You can buy any of a bowls. Very long chose multicooker, as much advice I received in a shops, friends bought a log of different firms. But now I know exactly that with the choice of was not mistaken. All multicooker compared with this model (pressure multicooker) is a waste of money and time! If you choose between multicookers by price, than the difference between cheap and expensive multi cookers not seen, because for all very long cooking time! Why nobody writes about it? In this multicooker pressure cooker my rice porridge cooked 5 minutes (plus 5 minutes porridge is drawing it’s necessarily for all multicookers)! Vegetable stew cooked within 15 minutes!!! Biscuit bake to a turn in 35 minutes, truth was palish a crust, but it’s not scary because there you can set the own time. Yet nothing more did not have time to cook, but I think will not fail. Only fear for the valve and cover, they so weak (not used before the pressure cooker). Friend purchased Moulinex (by price almost the same) but there is their minus. All other advantages of multicooker in principle tell sellers. In general a very pretty, hope that will serve a long time!

A large and varied amount of programs, multifunctionality, good multicooker capacity, function of “delayed start”, chef, heating. Sometimes a little mist over little window, but it’s not scary.

Long doubted do I need multi cooker, bought… as it turned out she became the most popular of equipment in the kitchen. First cooking according to the recipes which are attached and now there is no limit to my fantasies. Very pleased.

Not necessary to have a pressure cooker separately, is compact and at the same time a lot of things can. Significant time savings, nay that due to pressure-cooker cooking time 2-fold decrease so also
be about it permanently not necessary. Not yet fully understand all but tried delayed start function, really useful especially when know that come late and dinner should be ready at 8 p.m…

Coolest thing you can cook almost all from stews to yogurt with condensed milk. Last 2 are cooking in this saucepan too.

Rich set of programs because combines three devices at once: multicooker, steamer and pressure cooker. Wonderful book with recipes from professionals. Good quality (it’s already a second my multicooker and again Redmond, stay her fan, second due to small volume M11).
Assess abilities of multicooker. The main cook is fast and tasty. And yet often use delayed start, order a dinner to return from work. It’s a dream of every housewife!

Specifically reduces the time spending in the kitchen for every day. Also at times reduced cooking time. The food tastier then using the cooker. Awesome lot of recipes including in the net. In principle and without recipes obtained simply super!

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