I love rodents completely! When I bought pet rats, I didn’t have a hutch at home, and so it was necessary to buy a small hutch the size of a cat’s tray for $15 in a pet shop.

The little rats were comfortable, but one fine day they became much larger and started feeling some inconveniences. I have a bad habit  to go through my earnings quickly, and so I went once again to shop to get a little house for the rats. I was offered a lot of hutches, but I liked  the one company MARCHIORO. It was the biggest and it seemed to me, to be the most suitable for my rats. I gave for it 180 dollars and I happily carried it home. I tell, I found out quickly that the price of a hutch is generally no more than 100 dollars, but in my case it wasn’t so important and there was no other place to choose from in the city. There weren’t any disappointments in my purchase during the first year. And if it had not been for my passion to disassemble it when washing, I wouldn’t have found problems. There was one minus in the rat hutch. The fastenings of the shelves are weak. They are plastic, and if they are clicked to and fro,  sooner or later  they will break. During the year I broke one fastening and decided not to relace the broken shelf. I created a home-made shelf from some unknown-to-me material (plastic)  within minutes, and in a couple of minutes I replaced the cover on the hutch.

There is a lot of room in a hutch and the rats can enjoy it. If you’ll take use this hutch for pet hamsters, they will be very happy in the space! By the way, there are tubes and a wheel for them in a set. All of this doesn’t interest the rats.

The only thing I have added to the hutch is  a couple of  hammocks of my own production (I didn’t see the sense to buy). My pets are happy! I recommend a rat hutch, but it is better to look for cheaper  price than mine.

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