Rangefinding laser

By the nature of my position, the rangefinding laser  turned out to be a remarkable assistant measure the dimensions of a room and various objects which are in this room. I decided to buy a rangefinding laser  from the site Aliexpress, as its  price in China is  less than half than the most inexpensive analogs in the USA. My exemplar was worth $ 52. The parcel took 20 days to arrive.

The rangefinding laser came in cardboard packing and complete with a cover.

The battery wasn’t in the set. I inserted my 3×1.5V AAA batteries.

It isn’t difficult to use it. There is a measurement error in the range of +/-2mm. This is quite a lot.  By the way I noticed one thing. If dust gets on the laser, the error may increase to 5mm. Therefore I check for purity of optics before measuring.

I chose a model which could be used either vertically or horizontally. Some models are made in such a form that all measurements can be done only by hand. This range finder can be fixed so the accuracy of measurement is higher.

Besides simple measurements, this rangefinding laser  can calculate the area and volume of the room. If you need to measure the house height, it can be done without approaching it, having measured the distance to the house and on a diagonal to its highest point. The device will calculate the height itself. Its beam can get there, where the simple ruler won’t work. This is my best acquisition from China. If you often need  to measure something, then I highly recommend this device.

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