Radio controlled helicopters review

Radio controlled helicopters have become very popular recently. Now we are going to review the various modifications of these rc helicopters.

Let’s begin with the helicopter by Syma, namely model S107.

Yellow rc helicopter
Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter Yellow

Red rc helicopter
Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter Red

RC helicopter video:

What do stores write about this rc helicopter model?

“GYRO Syma S107 is a great radio controlled micro helicopter, which is light and has stable navigation due to the gyroscope and 3-channel control system.

Helicopter Syma Gyro s107 moves forward or backward with the help of the rear propeller that moves the center of gravity forward or backwards. If the rear propeller does not rotate, then the helicopter is hanging in the same place. Also, this helicopter can be rotated around its axis setting the direction for the movement .

Remote control range of helicopter with gyroscope Syma S107 is about 10 meters.

Mini helicopter with gyroscope GYRO S107 flies about 10-12 minutes on a single charge.”


There’s nothing better than the reviews of the customers who’ve bought and tried out this remote control helicopter. 

The rc helicopter is the best! One of the gears was broken in two weeks. It’s a pain in the neck that they don’t have parts at the store and the choice of the available parts is very scarce. However, all the details can be found on ebay ($2) – had to wait for a long time for them though. Recommend it to everyone!


The remote control helicopter is actually really good, but it has a weak cross that top screws are on – my son has already broken two of them, though the helicopter flies gently. It’s good it doesn’t cost a lot and is easy to change (you don’t need to change the whole axis – it’s too much work, you just change the plastic tip.


Great toy. The rc helicopter is small, which is why it’s undestroyable. One piece of advice – if you are caught on something, then simply reset gas to 0 right away. It’s better if the helicopter just falls, because simple fall has little risk of being broken.


I recommend keeping this rc helicopter charged – if it’s not fully charged, then it dies fast.


I got this helicopter from my girlfriend as a present 2 weeks ago. It’s red and it’s my first radio controlled helicopter. My opinion is that it’s really great, easy to control – I got a hang of it ten minutes after the flight all over the apartment. Helicopters flashlight is quite bright – you can even chase a cat with it. Spinner is quite durable – withstands when blades hit against the wall, the same with falls –  just what’s needed to get to know such radio-controlled technology. I couldn’t let it go for 1.5 hours total in two days and it doesn’t get boring, I recommend everyone who is looking for unique, relatively inexpensive and at the same time really great gift.


Awesome toy! I use this helicopter for almost a year now, during which I changed one axis and one propeller – all were broken right away when I learned how to use it. They recommended to  me at the store to reset gas to 0 immediately when the helicopter hits something (wall, ceiling, curtains etc). Having followed this advice, I use the rc helicopter for quite some time with no breakage. Flight lasts 10-15 minutes, charges for 30-40 minutes.


This device is gorgeous! It’s not afraid of high falls, balances easily and is easy to manage too.  I haven’t had a single regret that I bought this remote control helicopter.


The inner axis broke and the helicopter started to shake sideways, flying was not possible. I started examining it, turned out the axis was broken – upper screws dangled. Though, in all honesty, after extreme flights, falls and collisions, it seems more than normal to me. I ordered a new axis today. In general, this helicopter rocks, we bought it 2 months ago. Our child is happy (so are I and my friends). Recommended to all, cool device!


To put it simply, cool toy helicopter! I turned off this stupid flashlight so it doesn’t take up all the battery, but even without the flashlight flight lasts no more than 20 minutes. Well, with all the pauses and falls, fun lasts for 15 minutes.


This rc helicopter flies amazingly! Our cat is shocked. I can’t manage it in a narrow corridor, but have no problems whatsoever in the room! I’ve even spared several landing strips for the helicopter. It’s been through a lot, hitting everything, but still alive! I bought it for my little brother first, but after controlling it for some time, decided that boy can live without it for now!


I bought one for $25 on one Chinese website. Great remote control helicopter! I learned a lot with it. It’s durable and easily controlled. All our office had a blast!


I bought it for my son to put under the Christmas tree. Lots of positive emotions!  We got the one in yellow. The rc helicopter is cool, withstands hitting against big objects. Really great! I recommend buying this model, you won’t regret it.


I bought this rc helicopter for indoor flights. I’ve had experience using expensive radio-controlled model on 4 channel with one blade. One-blade helicopter are not for use at home, but this one is just right.


Of course, the helicopter is very light, it’s afraid of drafts and “sticks” to the walls, but you can get used to that.


For some reason I had trouble in the beginning with direction of turns, instinctively turning to the opposite to the desired direction. I wanted to turn left, finger pulls right, had to solder the joystick and now I am unspeakably happy.


I bought it based on reviews and they didn’t let me down! Very cool rc helicopter – I learned how to control it in one evening. It’s very stable during the flight. I noticed just one thing – when I was in the room, my mom changed the channels on TV and it affected the control of the helicopter (in other words, don’t fly the helicopter in the room where someone switches channels with the remote control). Overall, it’s a great option to learn how to navigate, now I’m thinking of getting a more expensive helicopter for the outside. If you are thinking of buying your first rc helicopter, this one is a great option in terms of price and features!


The syma helicopter is wonderful! The battery died in a year, I tried different batteries after that but stopped at 50mA. It’s lighter than the original one and a little smaller, but it definitely fits better. With the original one, the helicopter rotated the blades but couldn’t lift itself. There was not enough power. However, with this one the helicopter lands on the floor and cutoff voltage turns on immediately. In other words, the battery works to the fullest.


My first experience with such radio controlled toy. I bought it due to the maximum number of reviews and really liked the helicopter. It’s not complicated to manage. On the second day tail motor was out of order. I had warranty and changed it from Syma S107G S800G. After the flying experiments with S800G there was even more delight. S800G compared to S107G  is quite higher in terms of control.


The first day of the rc helicopter operation. Child’s verdict – “Best!”. Lots of falls, accidents and everything still works. After 8 hours of the helicopter operation, my son lands it with some unimaginable pirouettes. My feeble attempts to do it again cause a lot of emotions. One thing for sure, when son asks “Dad, let’s go flying!”, it’s worth a lot. He is happy! What else can you ask for?! So much joy for little money! Now I need to buy a second rc helicopter and learn how to operate it, so I don’t look like a loser! (Besides, I really want it myself!)


After buying this rc helicopter, I can’t stop flying it for three days in a row. It survived collision with the lamp and three falls from 2-3 meters height. I used it outside as well, it fell into a bank of snow. Helicopter is blown away by wind – it is clearly not for the outside. My overall opinion is that this model is worthy, resistant to falls. One drawback is that there are no spare parts in the set and battery dies fast. However, after turning off the LED helicopter began to fly 15-17 minutes instead of 7. Maneuverability deserves an A+ as the helicopter is easy to control. But there is also a downside: trimmer is inconveniently located and is constantly stray. All the rest is great. I recommend this remote control helicopter to all rotorcraft technology newcoming fans and, again, give it an A.


I bought this radio controlled helicopter as a present to my nephew and couldn’t resist and tested it at home. I’m so glad I did it, because I would look so lame in front of a child. First, I needed to charge the helicopter itself (USB cable), then had to run to the store to buy 6 batteries. But when I started it, I was amazed at the power of this helicopter. My cats ran away and hid in different corners. Super awesome toy! I’m going to order one more for my other nephew. Can’t wait to see them scream with joy!!!


Cats vs. Tiny RC Helicopter 🙂

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23 thoughts on “Radio controlled helicopters review”
  1. The advantages of this helicopter:
    1. Cheap
    2. Lightweight and small. He flies everywhere in the house, not beats dishes, not scratch wallpaper and furniture even if flies to them at full speed.
    3. Durable rc helicopter – already a hundred times dropped from a height of three meters on the floor, faced with all kinds of materials on the fly. No damage. Main – immediately drop down a gas.
    4. Charging is enough for 10-15 minutes of continuous flight.
    5. Charging via USB to computer for 30-40 minutes.

    1. Sometimes, when the helicopter begins to fall, I’m trying to revive it by dint of the remote control panel, but it stalls. That need to turn off and turn on the rc helicopter manually. For example, in 5 cases of 100 this glitch happen. I repeat – not the helicopter inself grow deaf, and when after the falling he lies on the side and then if i send signal to him, he can be turned off. In short, it’s not a defect, it’s peculiarity.

    General impression.
    Great toy for this money! Not broken, not buggy. Flies cool. Great thing! Recommend every men!

  2. Great rc helicopter! Qualitatively made (real Syma)!
    The price is low.
    Hangs in the air tightly.
    Eight minutes of flying to cheers, then does not pull, but this is the norm for such mechanisms.

    Compared with control panel the helicopter toy is very big, huge empty carcass, two unused buttons rattle.
    The general impression

    The helicopter made very carefully, stylish looks metallic skeleton, there is a small margin of weight (10 grams pulls + sinker on the inside 5 grams).
    Has an LED on the nose, that helps orient it in the dark.

  3. Does not break the blades! The advantages are many!

    Guys! This is what we need! Wife made a gift! I love it! Ignore the low price, because the quality at a height! Very stable in flight. Easy to control! In general, you will not regret!

  4. Excellent toy! Survived after godson exploitation. Child of 6 years old.
    After the gift test flights had a desire to buy for me too.

  5. Gift for my nephew. Delight knew no bounds.
    Flying in all directions. The child did unbelievable turns, breathtaking.
    Very good toy for both children and parents.

    The child is not found. And for parents except one – the constant “went into the street to play with a helicopter.”

    Overall experience
    Great baby gift – both girls and boys. And if a man is interested in aerotechnics, then it will be interesting this gadget.

  6. Dignity: all arranges, the price is justified.
    Plastic flexible, fell several times, crashed, everything is in place!
    Can anyone tell me where you can buy the blade for him? (would like to purchase as a spare just in case, and there are all kinds occasions).

  7. Flies perfectly. Control understandable and intelligible. RC helicopter durable, survived numerous drops and bumps. Charged from the mains, from the computer from its own remote control, even from a mobile phone charger with USB connector.
    Battery died after about six months. Buy new fails. Toy stands idle …
    Kid 5 years old mastered the basics of controls in 3-4 days, even though I tried to leave the room so as not to burn itself nerves.. The device is worth it to pay a reasonable price and grab adrenaline for yourself and the child!

  8. Unbelievable stable in the air! Helicopter hanging on the one place how tethered. Lama V4 not standing next to, although more expensive four times as. Perfect assemblage, all strongly tied (compared with same Lama). Charging enough of minutes on 10. When dropped from a couple of meters nothing breaks – main thing in time to remove cravings.

    Some nitpicking – battery is not removable, lacks the fourth channel (fly sideways) when flying around the apartment.

    Excellent toy for home or office for the money. The quality of at the level!

  9. Not bad rc helicopter bought. In appearance good. Flies not bad. There are usb charger and can charge from the console that was very surprised!
    Wanted to buy a new model s5! But it does not have for some reason in the kit usb charging! Although in the manufacturer website it should be included! And it must be wait! Well, this has pleased me greatly.

  10. Fully endorse: beats and scratches nothing, even when blast off with the entire “fool”, helicopter will not be damaged if dropped from two or three meters – quite sturdy. Charge is enough for 10 – 15 minutes. My dog are raving – chases to him with a barking! Sea of positive emotions for not significant funds.

  11. Launched on the street – gathered crowd of children. Fell on the asphalt with a height of about three meters – wah miracle it’s working.
    Then fell into a puddle, fully immersed in water. Pulled, shook off, 20 seconds at maximum thrust held it in hand – works! I advise everyone. For children, the most it.
    Is very high quality toy. Bought for my son. Both pleased, and he and I.

  12. Convenient radio controlled helicopter and the price is not too high in order to learn how to fly properly, but at the beginning need getting used to.
    RC Helicopter only for home and premises where there is no wind and ultra red rays, but for this price it’s okay.
    The helicopter is good, I have three of them, two for flyis and one for spare parts, so buy part separately very expensive. The helicopter can be a great gift for baby!

  13. All parts on the Internet, and not on the store shelves. Broke anithing – wait a month. If ordered not what you need – wait another month. Everything else cool, rc helicopter flies in the house is very stable. Disadvantages associated with the flight speed and behavior on the street. I will not list, they are common to all 3-channel models for IR control helicopters.
    Plush toy with good flight characteristics for an apartment, this rc helicopter is not just for children. For children, it seems to me, at first is complicated. And for adults – the most it! Received as a birthday gift. I never thought that for me it was so captivate.

  14. Unrealistic durable rc helicopter! Many parts on ebay. Quite stable. Is charging quickly.
    Is what you need for home, cheap but is very high quality rc helicopter!

  15. Confident in the air. Simple controls. Robust construction.
    Perfect rc helicopter for those who want an inexpensive, reliable thing to fly indoors.

  16. For this money it’s wonderful toy! But battery is very fast ends. This rc helicopter toy is classy! At the first launch began hunting to my cat!

  17. This rc helicopter is stable, remote control pretty convenient, plastic details is very elastic, so nothing brokes. Control not show off, if indoors.
    No replacement blades. Not the most convenient location of the wheel for the stabilization of the helicopter. Gas lever not is spring loaded, so that in case of accidents it is necessary to press down.
    For this price – take without thinking. Of course, it only for indoor use. Tried to fly in the yard – skin do not feel the wind, with wet finger – also, like, no, but a helicopter “contagion” against this wind with full charge barely drags. Air conditioning – completely blows away. Well control in sunny weather to be expected is buggy even with a couple of meters.

  18. Sturdy, stable and easy to manage. If does happen, that helicopter falls, then plastic parts can slightly to bend, then they can be returned to their original position. Well unless charging for about 10 minutes, but it is not critical. For the money it’s pretty sweet little thing.

  19. Can’t kill it  Very good at the flight! Simply helicopter remote control. For beginners pilots it’s the most it!  But, I was need new accumulator pretty quick. Old accumulator not changing more 
    I’s good toy for the money!

  20. Flies is exellent, especially fast rise. Quickly get used to the controls of rc helicopter. Very strong case, thanks to the metal frame. One charge enough for long time. No automatic engine shut-off when rc helicopter confronted, is not so negative, if you will touch a chandelier or ceiling. Sometimes after charging remote does not connect immediately with the rc helicopter (turn on, and he stands), but wait a couple of seconds and everything is fine. Great rc helicopter for little money which brings a lot of fun to the user.

  21. Strong, unpretentious, stable in air. Time relationship charge-flight: 60-10min. Battery capacity on board just 150mAh 3,7 v
    Perfect rc helicopter toy, father, me and wife husband love it. Rides a week with stops to recharge.

  22. Very survivable after a multiple kicks! Very stable and easy control rc helicopter!
    Good but only at indoor, at a outdoor by the slightest wind helicopter is uncontrollable.
    It’s great rc helicopter for this money. Even if more time in flight then joy would not be the end!

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