Rabbit cage Ferplast Cavie 80 Decor

My rabbit is already one year old and the old rabbit cage is too small for it. I have bought Ferplast Cavie 80 cage for rabbits and guinea pigs.

Its price is 85 dollars, the dimensions are: length 77cm x height 42cm x width 48cm.

What I liked about it is that it is not very big but my rabbit feels comfortable and free inside. He doesn’t reach the ceiling even when he stands on his rear feet. A house, bowl, drinking bowl and hay-container come with the rabbit cage (I wish there was a litter box as well).

When I bought it home I worried that my rabbit wouldn’t fit in the house, but it was okay!

The bowl is fixed to the cage, it is well secured and the pet cannot drag it and scatter the food. All this is made of quite robust plastic. The only disadvantage is that initially it has a strong smell of plastic.

As I was told in the pet shop and as I read later on the internet, the rabbit cage is made in Italy. But the label on the coaster states that it is made in Slovakia (if someone thinks it is important). It is also is quite robust and it doesn’t seem that it could be broken easily.

The screen is of high quality, it has hard ribs and a simple fitting mechanism which cannot be opened by the pet. All the front side is the door, which can be thrown open and fixed so the pet won’t be hurt with it. That’s very good. The ribs are likely to be painted, but still the paint does not peel off (my Spooky likes to gnaw them sometimes).

The drinking bowl volume is 1 liter which I don’t think convenient: the fittings are quite weak and the drinking bowl dropped a couple of times. It’s better not to fill it full. It is made of flexible plastic.

The hay-container is a simple piece of plastic with two small pegs. It doesn’t hold much hay. If you put in too much hay, it falls out. Also it’s difficult to place it conveniently for the rabbit to get hay, with the cage close to the wall. It cannot be fitted lower as the fittings which link the metal cage with the coaster won’t permit it.

Conclusion: in general the rabbit cage is made well and decent, there are no big defects.

P.S. My rabbit often goes outside to have some “freedom” and doesn’t stay inside the cage all the time. I recommend that you to let your pets have a walk and not to forget about their safety and comfort.

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