Portable car wash

We were able to buy a portable car wash, or a high – pressure washer Karche 5.55 three years ago. Ever since, we have been thrilled with it. Before we bought, we read a lot of reviews about portable car washes, but we settled on this model.  We got a foam generator and a conductor for washing  carpets, in addition to the device. The price was about $280 at the time.

Product specifications from the manufacturer:
Mini high pressure washer Karcher 5.55
Dimensions (LxWxH), mm 470x 450×1030
Weight kg 16.5
Power, phase / V / Hz 220
Power consumption, W 2000
Fuel tank capacity, l do not
Fuel Consumption, kg / h No
Productivity, l / h 460
Operating pressure bar / MPa 120
Max. Temperature, ° C 4

The washing device is simply indispensable for the house. Not only does it wash the car, but it is also useful for cleaning carpets, a sink of glasses, the house siding and the yard. Consider that any needed chemicals are sold in shops and not only for cars. Active foam in new formulas doesn’t do harm to plants, getting on the earth.

By means of conductors, the Karcher pressure washer cleans carpets very well and restores them to their initial splendor and softness. It also raises the pile.

It cleans the car 100 per cent without doing harm to the paint and washes all the hard-to-reach places.

The pump of the portable car wash is reciprocating and the buckets are made from bronze, which allows them to work a long time and creates a good pressure. It serves a long time with correct usage.

The washer helps to bring order everywhere we wish.  This portable car wash is absolutely indispensable for the house.

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