Pet toilet, Potty Training Pads, Dog Toilets review

First, Indoor Pet Potty 64cm. It looks like piece of grass lawn. All all is well but the smell of grass is not felt. So it will very hard teach your pet to a toilet. There are no pictures on the Internet where a dog is sitting on this rug 

So first will be better to use toilet training pads for your puppy. For example puppy pads like this:

Puppy Training Pads
Puppy Training Pads

These 60cm x 90 cm puppy pads are the largest size. Each pad is filled with a super absorbent fluff pulp, has sealed edges and weighs 60gms.

This toilet puppy trainig pad very convenient even for adult dogs. Yea, it’s true.  I use it one for my french bulldog when don’t want go out. My friends uses this toilet pads even for cats! 


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