Parrot Cage Ferplast

My pair of parrots nestled in a small cage for a single bird (sized 45x34x51) for almost a year.

After their relocation to a new apartment, which is “Ferplast Canto” sized 71x38x61, this is what we have:

  • The parrots, which are not tamed have started to react more calmly during my manipulations in the parrot cage. My hand is far enough from them, so they are not nervous. I’m less nervous, as well.
  • The female hurts her humble cohabitant much less now, because he has a place where he can get away.
  • Another thing that I have noticed is that the parrots have become much more cheerful. They actively jump from perch to perch, not climbing on the wire now. They warm up their wings and finally they even can fly at will, because there’s a lot of space now.
  • The elevated bottom shelf has a certain advantage, because the litter around the parrot cage is almost absent. There’s a lot of space for toys and room to place 6 or 7 perches, so you can give your fancy full scope with the placement.

Also, I would like to say a few words about the removable partition. It allows separating the parrots at night. Our lady had a habit to drive her beau from one place to another. I can easily bring parrots in from a stroll. It’s a problem, when you’re trying to put one parrot in a cage, another one strives to get away. I can easily keep the parrots from my arms, when I’m about to rearrange the parrot cage.

There’s only one drawback that I have found: It is a metal-molded framework, where only the bottom shelf can be detached. Therefore it is a problem to transport or clean the cage. The parrot cage weighs 5 kg and there’s no handle on the top of the cage, so this is a man’s work already.

And one more thing: troughs in the parrot cage are very deep, so we had to trim it, but it’s a trifle.
So, my friends, don’t skimp on enlarging the dwelling space for your parrots, please. They deserve it, and so do you.

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