Panoramic Aquarium Aquael 110L

It’s been three years since we bought our aquarium in February. The aquarium is Polish, manufactured by Aquael. It is relatively small with 110 liters capacity and panoramic glass. Because we were amateur aquarium owners at the time we made the purchase, we decided not to bother ourselves and to buy an already prepared panoramic aquarium.

We haven’t any complaints about the quality of glass and the gluing. The panoramic aquarium looks great! Besides, panoramic glass and the extended form makes it looks bigger than it is. The panoramic aquarium draws the attention of any guests as soon as they come into the room. Some people can’t be driven away from it at all. Honestly, we ourselves stared at it for hours in the beginning.

But, the cover was not very convenient, as we found out later. Only a very small border overhangs the glass. We have to fill the tank completely, which leads to overflowing the water when the filter works. The tabletop of the previous nightstand had been soaked because of that. Thus, we had put laminate substrate under the aquarium with the next setting.

It is a pretty good panoramic aquarium for the first time, but now we are thinking of ordering an individual panoramic aquarium.

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