Nico Ristorante

Nico Ristorante

Address: 417 Hanover St, Boston, MA 02113

Nico Ristorante
Nico Ristorante

Phone: (617) 742-0404


Monday 13:00-1:00
Tuesday 13:00-1:00
Wednesday 13:00-1:00
Thursday 13:00-1:00
Friday 13:00-1:00
Saturday 13:00-1:00
Sunday 13:00-1:00

Short description: Deep within the aromatic enclave of Boston’s “Italian Restaurant Row”, famed chef Salvatore Firicano is prepping for tonight’s performance. Spices are smashed together. Wine-fueled flames are teased up to the heavens. And locally-sourced produce is ushered in through the rear entrance – in a manner not unlike many of their nightly boldfaced guests. Nico is an Italian Ristorante, Wine Bar and Louge offering a standout menu of artfully sophisticated, yet approachable, surprises.


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