Moisturize the air and clean it of dust – Airwasher Venta LW15

Someone said that the humidity measurement in the bathroom was at five percent. At first, I didn’t believe my ears. However, many measurements by different instruments confirmed that this is the humidity in the room because of some air cleaners. This is not intended to belittle such a device, but with such low humidity, you often experience a sore throat in the morning, dry skin and inflammation. These are all signs of dry air.

Recently, I heard that conventional air humidifiers are still able to clean the air. They not only moisturize the air, but also clean it of dust. I live under the windows of a plant which produces concrete products, as well as a sea of dust. It is especially noticeable when washing the windows.
After the first rain, there are visible dust smudges on the glass. What is happening in my home? Every day, my vacuum cleaner picks up a container of dust from my small apartment.

I finally decided to purchase a  VENTA LV 15 airwasher to place in my son’s room. He is often sick and I used the regular purifier to kill bacteria. I found that when I slept in my son’s room, I would have a sore and dry throat. After purchasing and using the Venta LV airwasher in the small room of my son, the problems are resolved. In the child’s room, the air is always comfortable, with no foreign odors. Even the smell of fire from burned peatlands in the suburAbs was not noticeable in the boy’s room, although the other rooms had a very pronounced smell in the morning.

Now, there is almost no dust in the room. Vacuuming is not needed nearly as often.  The water in the unit is dirty. The principle of the device is quite simple. There is a drum which rotates fairly slowly and a fan that directs the air to wet the drum. The opposite side of the device releases the humidified air that is cleansed from dust and impurities.

The only negative about the device is that it can be difficult to place so that it doesn’t affect the furniture of wallpaper. The air exits from the opposite edges and affects anything that is close by. In a small room it’s hard to avoid the humidified air blowing on objects.

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