Mini car-washer

This mini car-washer employes the wonder of engineering. I bought it as a Christmas present. Recently I finally tried this device, as it is not good to wash the car in freezing temperature and only now it has become warmer.  Before using this car-washer, I was hopeful.

The manufacturer writes:

“The water pump is situated in the canister and is powered from 12 W lighter of your car. The cord length is 4 meters, the hose length is 3 meters, and the canister capacity is 10 and 20 liters. The pump power provides a jet up to 10 metres. So, all you must do is to fill the canister with water, connect the set with the lighter of your car and the mini car-washer is ready for work. To wash your car is faster and easier now.  The sponge is always washed in flowing water.”

What the mini car-washer is in reality, I can say out of my own experience: It seems that it is made shake and bake somewhere in a garage. It is a simple bright orange canister with a weak pump put inside; the pump is similar to one for an aquarium and very weak. There is a holder for a brush on the outside screwed with a self-drilling screw.

The water flows from the brush weakly not to the car, but simply down at your feet. How this pump can produce a jet 10 meters long remained a miracle.  However, if you unscrew the brush there is a jet, but it wouldn’t remove significant dirt. By the way, there are photos on the manufacturer’s site; anyone can see them if interested. The brush wouldn’t remove dirt with such a jet but will just smear it and scratch the paintwork.

10 liters are not enough to wash a car. In quite a dirty jeep (you can imagine how dirty roads are in the spring), I managed to wash the rear window a bit (streaks and sandy splotches remained), the license plate and two doors. Fetching water from the house every time is not the best thing to do. If you have a hose you can just wash your car with it – there would be fewer scratches.

Filling the canister and driving with it isn’t possible as the canister has no cap: the hose of the pump goes through the neck.

Besides, the spot where the screw is inserted –you get it right– it is driven directly through the plastic, just brilliant? Well, that place has a leakage, we left the canister in the hall and it made a whole puddle.

Altogether, it is a mess! I wouldn’t recommend wasting money on such a “wonderful” mini car-washer.

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