Mini car washer

My husband and I had wanted to buy a mini car washer for a long time, so that it would be useful both in the garage and in the summer cottage. We were researching different types for a long time and finally chose this model.


  • Water consumption – 7 liters per minute
  • Max temperature – 50 degrees C
  • Weight – 9,3 kg
  • Capacity – 1900 W

The set includes: A five meter long hose with pistol, 2 nozzle and a container for foam production with capacity of 0,5 liters.

This mini car washer is equipped with an aluminum pump which increases the device’s durability. Yet it has double-insulation which allows connecting the washer to an ungrounded outlet.

It was important for us that the capacity wouldn’t affect the size of the device as we often take it to our summer cottage (to wash the pool). This mini car washer is quite compact (approx. 80х30х30) and doesn’t take much space in the trunk.

The only disadvantage (for me as I am a gentle girl) is the water withdrawal function – the water container should be above the washer. For its direct application, it works perfectly. Recently we were in the country and were caught in the rain. When we came back we decided to try the washer to remove clay which is very hard to remove. Well, we spent an hour or more, but finally removed all the dirt.

After that my husband recommended to all his friends to buy this mini car washer.

It is fine for us and the price is not very high. We bought it on offer and it cost us 125 dollars.

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