Mini Car Wash Karcher 5.20

I have used the Mini Car Wash Karcher 5.20 for three seasons each year for the past seven years. My friends also praised it constantly. This model is truly legendary. I have repaired it a couple of times –the oil and seal have been changed. In general, it was a small technical checkup.

However, all good things must come to an end. I decided to give the old car washer to my parents for their summer cottage and buy a new one for myself. The power of the previous machine was suitable for me, so I decided not to more than five models. I found out via the internet that Karcher now has a new product line of mini car wash with four digits, i.e. 3.200, 5.600, 5.200 and so on. I bought a Karcher 5.200 after speaking with consultants. The main peculiarity of this model is its water-cooled engines. That’s why a mini car wash can work for an hour and even more without the engine overheating. In addition, there is a quickly detachable connection of the hose with high pressure in it.  The hose of an old car wash could become stuck and stop unscrewing.

What else can I say? The new mini car wash kept its compactness. A retractable handle (metal) is more reliable and convenient. Connection of the high pressure hose is in the front of mini car wash, which is much better than a lateral connection. The technical characteristics and complete set are the same, the hose is 9 meters (don`t confuse it with the marginal model Karcher 5.20 with yellow cover where the hose was 7.5 meters). The price is certainly higher, but I know that I buy for a long lifetime. Also, I advise you – if you buy ProConnect-don`t choose the plastic one, it’s a waste of money. The best nozzle is the one with brass adapter and one-liter capacity. You must purchase a filter too. Choose clean water for this machine, as you would put good gas in a car.

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