Laser tape measure Bosch PLR25

I have been doing installation work for a long time. Early on, I decided to buy a laser tape measure. It wasn`t difficult to choose a trademark, because I have been working with tools from Bosch and Makita, and have been happy with their quality. I made the decision to buy a Bosch laser tape measure from their non-professional line. I chose the model PLR 25, where 25-meters is the maximum length for measuring distance.

In general, I do installation work of legally current systems, and the range of measures varies from one to ten meters. So such a working length will be enough for me. After the purchase of this tool, I spent three or four days measuring, in order to check the quality and accuracy of it. I was satisfied with the work of the laser tape measure, because it was great for different surfaces. The accuracy was incredible, but only up to 0.5 meters and after 25 meters, indications are not precise. The tool is convenient, easy-to-use and has a rubber, anti-slip layer that allows you to work, even in gloves.

The laser tape measure has many functions. We have the opportunity to measure the square meters or volume of room in addition to standard parameters. Also it helps to summarize and deduct segments. This tool is convenient, because you can make measures from lower edge of it as well as from upper one, having previously switched the mode. The laser tape measure is not very energy intensive; four AA batteries will last for half a year, if you use the tool for about 20 hours per week. There is a belt case in the set, which makes work more comfortable.

I have been using this tool for four years. I’ve repeatedly dropped it (it’s my bad habit), but the laser tape measure is still working. There were no instances when it broke or malfunctioned.

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