Laser rangefinder Bosch DLE 70 Professional

Laser rangefinder Bosch DLE 70 Professional is an indispensable tool for renovation for professionals and semi-professionals. Of course, it isn’t supposed to be just for using in domestic needs. But, if you are planning a full renovation of the house, this tool is important. The BOSCH laser rangefinder is in a class by itself in quality and professionalism, but the price – it’s pretty impressive. It was purchased long ago for $170.

It is convenient, because the set comes in a case.

When you hold it, you realize that the tool is really high quality. There’s no backlashes or loose fittings. It measures distances from 5 cm. to 70 m., and error can be up to 1,5 mm. We didn’t notice any problems. Everything was accurate, precise and fast.

It doesn’t take any special skills for measureing. I mean, it is possible to work with it intuitively. The laser rangefinder helped us to make precise measurements of flats for determining the amount of construction material needed for walls, ceiling and other areas. Problems may emerge only if you use it outside, when the sun shines brightly, and the laser dot is not visible. It is perfect for indoors.

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