Krups Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine

I adore coffee. Each morning I begin with a cup of this delicious drink, and I also partake of some several times a day. I used to brew it myself but when I began to work for a coffee company I got access to professional coffee machines for the staff. That is when the idea of purchasing one came to mind. However, I had to give serious thought as to which machine to choose, however that is when I was given a gift. It was a capsule coffee machine called Dolce Gusto. Of course, it was not a professional machine but still its coffee was more or less decent.

About its pros (and also some cons):
1) The process of making it is more convenient and rapid (You need only pour water, put the capsule in, and press the button.)
2) The coffee is quite delicious (more or less).
3) There are a wide variety of coffee beverages (as well as other delights such as hot chocolate).
4) Stylish design.
5) Compact.
6) Reasonable price.
7) It is easy to care for (the particulars that need to be washed such as water container and drain grille can be easily removed).

About cons:
1) Coffee brewed in a real professional machine is tastier. For example, the technology of brewing latte in this machine is incorrect.
2) The diversity choices are limited by the manufacturer. Namely, you can use only one type of coffee and are unable to make coffee of different manufacturers.
3) Short cord.
4) One water filling is only enough for two cups which is about 100 ml. However one capsule is enough for a one cup of the same volume. If you make a larger volume of coffee, the obtained beverage is rather heavily diluted with water, creating a very poor taste. Nevertheless, I still prefer large mugs. Unfortunately the coffee became downright undrinkable if milk were added to it.

Bottom line:
Despite all the cons, I’d recommend for you to buy this machine because of its convenience. It will bring the opportunity right at home to drink coffee which ordinarily is only available in a cafe (though the quality is a slight bit worse). However, if instead you have the ability as well as the desire to spend $1000-$2000 on a professional coffee maker then do so.
Enjoy your coffee brеаk!

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