Juwel Rio Aquarium 180L

My husband has had his heart on an aquarium for a long time. At last, he decided to pursue his long timedream and ordered this miracle for  himself from an online store:

Volume: 180 l., Initially it seemed simply enormously big, but in time we got used to the size and we want even more. We decided that when we grow rich, this juwel rio aquarium will be in the nursery, and we will buy another.

Weight: 32.4 kg

What is it like?
The Juwel rio aquarium has a covered black deck with a small window for feeding  fishes.

In the annex to the juwel aquarium there is a bedside table (wooden) of black color in which we store everything that is so necessary for small fishes:

  • fish food
  • dip net
  • vacuum cleaner (siphon)
  • medicine

Juwel Rio aquarium parameters:
Length: 92 cm.
Width: 41 cm.
Height: 55 cm.

Our inhabitants: 

  • amusing small parrotfish (with funny lips)
  • spotted catfish (the largest inhabitant of the underwater world )
  • lemon tetras small fishes with character
  • the small fish change color depending on mood.

Everything is made qualitatively and harmoniously in an aquarium Juwel Rio, there isn’t anything extra. It is certain that we wish we had the larger aquarium now.  It is a lot of work to keep an aquarium clean and in order, and it’s a little different than caring for cats and dogs. The life of a small fish depends entirely on:

  1. light quantity
  2. water quality
  3. quantity and quality fish food
  4. temperature control (We attached a small fan to the Juwel aquarium and when there is heat not only on the street, but also in the apartment in the summer, we include it for water cooling)

When our friends and their children come to see us, the kids potter near this juwel rio aquarium constantly. In any case, the kids and I can simply sit and watch the small fish for hours. They have their underwater world with its own laws and rules. 

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