Janome My Style 100 Sewing Machine

When I decided to buy a sewing machine, I thinking about it for a long time. I read a lot of information and reviews, listened to the consultants in shops and compared different models from the internet. Finally, I was down to choosing between two sewing machines: this one and the Brother Comfort 15. The latter model had automatic upper and lower threading which was really good. But, after some research via the internet, I came to the conclusion that the Janome firm was much better than Brother. Besides, it was important for me that the sewing machine I selected could work with denim because our family loves it very much. I had to work often with denim. According to the reviews, Janome was most preferred again.

“Well” I thought, “I can thread the machine by myself. It’s not such a problem”.

So we bought this sewing machine. On the first day, my husband asked me to sew his new jeans. I had bought needles for jeans in advance. But it was enough to make a cat laugh, that before I started to hem the jeans I forgot to change the needle. However, it turned out to be unnecessary. A standard needle coped with denim perfectly. Then, I decided to see how many layers it could stitch. The needle was good for 2 or 3 layers, but on the 4th layer it started to retard and slightly to tap, despite the fact that the needle stitched. Then, I didn’t do it any more. I’ve read a tip that it’s better to rap the stitches and they will be soft. Besides, I don’t think that someone would want to sew jeans with four layers.

Over time, I sewed jersey, wool, tulle, fleece and even drapes. This sewing machine works great. It is better to change the needles for specific kind of fabric and to use the threads of certain thickness and normal quality. But y,ou can sew everything with the help of a universal needle.

Now about this sewing machine. You will find in the set:

– a seam ripper
– a frame for loops
– a zipper foot
– a slip stitch foot
– a cleaning brush
– a big spool holder
– a small spool holder
– an extra spool pin
– a felt pad
– a set of needles
– a screwdriver
– a plastic spool
– a horizontal shuttle

To be honest, this was the first time I had used a sewing machine with the sort of set. It turned out that this type of shuttle is really convenient. First, it is easy to thread. Second, you can see how much thread is left in a spool.

The sewing machine can make 13 kinds of stitches.

I don’t need them in principle. I use only the straight and over-lock stitches, sometimes a slip stitch. Maybe the others will never be necessary. Controlling is easy, everything is clear even without instructions. Feet that were not included in the set, you can buy individually.

The sewing machine has a reversing system, it is really convenient. The lamp lights the working area well. The machine is quiet. I could sew even with a sleeping child in the next room. But quiet doesn’t mean silently at all! This machine sewed buttons easily and simply, so I learned really quickly. There is a system of automatic winding of a spool in this device. When a spool became full, the winding will turn off.

In general, the sewing machine is multi-functional and has very good quality. For home use, it will suit perfectly. So, buy it without a second thought.

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