Janome sewing machine MyStyle 100

I just wanted to buy the most simple and inexpensive sewing machine. First, I remembered about ‘Handy Stitch’¬† the sewing machine promoted on TV. I imagine you’ve seen it. You just hold it in your hand and it starts sewing without your help. But, after reading reviews I stumbled upon the opinion that the most inexpensive sewing machine that sews really well, is the Janome MS 100. Then I started reading the feedbacks on the Japanese brand, Janome and I realized that the most of the users are satisfied with value for money concerning the model ‘My Style 100’.

So, what sort of sewing machine did I want?

My main criteria were the low price, reliability and ease of use. My mom always tends to distrust new technology, so we needed the most simple and convenient model.

The primary purpose was stapling/stitching of simple cotton fabrics. We haven’t tested it for more complicated purposes.

The machine is made in Taiwan although Janome is a Japanese firm. (Moreover, the foot pedal was made in Thailand).

Our opinion after six months of usage.

There were no failures and no complaints either.

Mom is happy, she really likes her new sewing machine because sewing has become much easier and faster.

Even me (a far-from-expert seamstress, who dealt with sewing machines for the last time when studied at school during sewing lessons, 15 years ago) could easily put the thread in and wind the bobbin. It is easy to deal with this bobbin.

You can regulate the type of stitching and stitch length (from 1 to 4 mm).

It also has a reverse button.

The backlight turns on as soon as the sewing machine is switched on by the power button. 

In general, the Janome sewing machine is compact and not loud (though we have nothing to compare with, this is our first experience with an electric sewing machine). The spare parts are included.

The design is as simple and plain as it can be. In my opinion, it could be more attractive. But that is just my nitpicking. =))

One more reason why I chose this model is its horizontal hook. Since I am not a seamstress, I’d better quote why horizontal hook is better then vertical one:

  • When the needle goes down, the bobbin with a thread makes two turns. That allows for capturing the bobbin thread by the upper thread. So the upper thread certainly captured the lower. In sewing machines with a vertical hook, it makes just half of the turn.
  • The horizontal hook doesn’t need lubrication, unlike the vertical hook.
  • The bobbin in a horizontal shuttle is easy to see because, in fact it lies on the surface of the transparent cover. The bobbin thread running out doesn’t come as a surprise for you. The bobbin in the vertical hook type is hidden very well. It is difficult to change the bobbin thread. To determine that it is nearly empty is absolutely impossible.
  • As a rule, using the same power, sewing machines with a horizontal hook can sew denser fabric.
  • There is an opinion that sewing machines with horizontal hook make less noise … But everything is highly dependent on the sewing machine.

Bottom line: I am glad that I trusted the positive reviews about the sewing machine Janome MS100. With a relatively low price, this machine fully satisfies the need for a device of such kind for household use. Probably its usage can be much wider.

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