Hutch for rats FerPlast Rabbit 100

Weight: 6 kg

Dimensions: D*G*V 101,5 *53*33,5sm,

The hutch is suitable for large rodents, such as a rabbit, a guinea pig and of course for a smaller rodent,  as a full-grown rat (infant rats will perhaps get through the rods. The head of my rat doesn’t fit through the bars, for example).

The hutch for rats is chrome plated. As a set, it includes the house, feeding trough, drinking bowl, and heath.

I bought this palace for a rat. My rat is a sluggard but as soon as the light is turned off, it seems life begins to boil there. I hope the space will be somehow used. I hung up hammocks, I put the pallet from a small hutch (a toilet for a rat). I haven’t seen yet, that the rat walked around the hutch in the afternoon and rejoiced in such space.

The metal top is removable. The pallet is very strong. Generally, the cage is smartly designed. It is an excellent option for two or three of my rat’s friends. It is cheerful and it isn’t closed in, if they go to the toilet on the small pallet (the most usual is sold for cats), and not on all the areas. Unfortunately, I can tell from own experience – some rats think that it is better to go to one removable place, and others don’t seem to get the idea.

That’s just the luck of the draw. I didn’t try to train them and I don’t know if it is possible.

After the purchase, I washed this hutch for rats in a bath, so it took up the entire space. Thus, if th6e animal won’t understand one corner as a toilet, it can become trouble. You will be exhausted by dragging the hutch for rats to the bathroom to clean it.

I cover the bottom with paper which doesn’t require washing and there aren’t any awful sawdust. It is possible to hang up self-made or factory hammocks from fleece. It’s very pleasurable to create order and to fix up an interior in a hutch of this design. It is convenient to get the animal from this type of hutch for rats.

The design is such that the stationary part of the separate top can be used as a mini-curbstone for requirements.

By the way, there is a plastic small house, a smart drinking bowl, a convenient angular hay holder in a set. A bowl for food is also made from plastic.

Also, I clean using the vacuum cleaner. Rolled paper helps a great deal. My workplace is near a this hutch for rats and there aren’t any awful smells. Maybe I have become accustomed to them already.

There is still the recognizing the safety of the animal – mine likes to put its paws on the pallet edge and look out. So, it is necessary to close  a lattice carefully, in order that you don’t injure the paws, nose or the head. You have to be especially careful to do it accurately if children are at home – inattentive children can cause injury to the pet.

Usually, the most frequent injuries are the crushed tails in standard hutches for rats. It is possible to kill  a little animal with a heavy lattice.  So, you can do educational work with children. And, you must be more attentive. It’s better to have the tail attached.

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