How has the world changed in the past 50 years?

How has the world changed in the past 50 years?

MaleEverything changed from the past 50 years – the culture; People in the past don’t accept the gay people, now they accept.


MaleIn the past 50 years, we introduced many technologies in our life, like wash machines, microwaves, different modernizations in IT technology and computers was developed very good.

FemaleI will say same things, like technology has changed our life positively but sometimes negatively. There is a positive ethis in our daily life with technology. It makes daily life more easily.

MaleI think that the employment market is very harder because the people need to study much more than 50 years ago. Professional development to be successful in their career.

How do you think life is better now? How was it better then?


MaleThe life was more easy. They didn’t have to study. They learn a hard job from their parents. Electronics make life easy. People don’t like each other.

MaleNow we have more choices. We can choose any prophecy. We have many technologies that help us in our life. Everyone have car and apartment. In past people live together in one house.

FemaleI think life is better now because of technology, but sometimes I think our grandparents don’t know technology so they didn’t understand differences between our lives, because they don’t know use tech. But it provides us easier life. And make money is easier than before.

MaleMy grandparent life they did everything by hand because there was no technology.


FemaleI think life is better now in some things. My grandfather lived in the middle of the forest and there is no medical conditions to live in there. He has made hand construction of the trees. There is no lights.

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