Household chores in different counries

Household chores in different counries. Usually
Woman: do the laundry, prepare meals, vacuum the carpet, do the dishes, take care of children.
Man: do household repairs, take out the trash, daily maintenance of your car, walk with dog /cat (buy them food).
– take care of children;
– take out the trash;
– walk with dog /cat (buy them food).

Male I want to tell you something about our culture in SA (Saudi Arabia). The man and the woman are doing some stuff in the home. They prepare the meals together. In my country all of the stuff doing in the home, like laundry, is done by home maid or women. The man do stuff like clean the car, buy stuff from supermarket, do the tree, etc.

MaleIt’s a bit different in my country – Russia. Woman usually cooking, and man usually work and give money at home. Usually woman sitting home and do home work, like cleaning and vaccuum, do the dishes, cooking, laundry. Man and woman always not cooking together. Husband usually go after work to home and eat meals that wife cooked. Man usually repair his car and go to shop or buy different things.

FemaleI live in Turkey. Me and my husband are equals in our house for daily chores but in my country this is not usual. Generally womans doing this chores, for example washing dishes, preparing meals; except repair the car. The other chores generally woman do these things. But if the woman working, the husband help their wife.

MaleI live in Brazil. And the law says men and woman have the same rights. But here men usually to do heavy works and work with technology, but just for preference. We have the same rights.

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