High pressure car washer Karcher K 5.20

As a person who worked for a long time in the organization, which is the sub dealer of the Karcher company, I can say positively that the high pressure car washer Karcher the K 5.20 is the best model of all the fifth series.

The existence of an aluminum pump under the device case is the first thing that attracts buyers to this car washer. It is the impressive fact for purchase of a high pressure car washer Karcher K 5.20, since devices with a plastic pump are less productive and not so long-lived. The second advantage of this car washer is of course the high regulate pressure which can be changed from 20 to 140 bars by means of a water injection nozzle! Many think that it is a lot, but believe me this is an average maximum pressure which the household devices Karcher can have. And at last, the third advantage of the Karcher car washer K 5.20 is its small size and its mobility! Who would want to drag around a huge, bulky and cumbersome object of 15-kilogram while washing the car? The pluses of this device include the length of its high pressure hose, which is 9 meters. And there is also the timely service. I advise you not to experiment with purchases of car washes of other producers, such as Bosch, Nilfisk, etc., and to decide in favour of Karcher! You won’t regret, after all Karcher takes on responsibilities not only for a guarantee, but also for quality. Use it with pleasure!

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