Hamster cage Inter-Zoo Jerry Astro plus Terrace

After we settled two charming brothers in our home, which are Syrian hamsters, I immersed myself in studying information about these pretty creatures. I quickly made few important discoveries. The first one is that hamsters mostly are single, territorial animals, who like to be the sole owner in their own dwelling and who hate competitor’s guts. This is why the golden rule of keeping hamsters is “one hamster – one cage”. The second discovery is that proportions of the hamster cage’s tray should be not less than 50×30 cm.

The “Inter-Zoo” hamster cage was the one in the store which I noticed right away.
I have learned that it has a lot of advantages:

  • Suitable size 58x38x29 cm.
  • Quality and lightweight materials: the hamster cage consists of a deep plastic tray and top part made of quality steel bars. The tray connects with the top part by simple fastenings.  The door is on the side.
  • Clever construction: terrace, “cellar”, bowls, labyrinths, wheel, small house (some models have it)
  • Easy to clean: The top part is easy to remove, litter can be removed efficiently and the only thing that is left is to wash the tray and put in fresh litter.
  • Vivid and good-looking design
  • Acceptable price: $80

There are some things that you have to pay attention to:

  • The wheel that comes with the hamster cage is fit only for little hamsters. We have had to buy a bigger one.
  • The house, that the hamster loves, unlike me, because he likes hiding there and sometimes it’s pretty complicated to get him to come out from there.
  • Labyrinth-tubes. Hamster can hide there too, but it’s not so serious, because he won’t sit there for too long, but if you decide not to use the tubes, you’ll have to think about the caps for the ends of the tube.

Both hamster cages have been serving as spacious and cozy homes to my hamsters almost a year. I think they’re pretty happy, because they can easily run, climb, play, dig, build nests and larders, and swing on bars. It is a pity that I didn’t purchase it earlier.

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