Guinea pig cage

It is apparent that the person who designed this guinea pig cage never saw a guinea pig, even in a picture! Its size on the inside is 32x21cm.

I got it free, but I looked it up on the internet and found that new, it cost about $20.

Its quality is all right. It features:

+ High-quality plastic, you can call it shock-resistant

+ Thick ribs without extra offsets

+ Well-painted, the paint stays well, it’s hard to remove

+ Broad door

Now, about the defects:

Size of this guinea pig cage is the biggest and clearest defect! Normally a one-year old guinea pig weighs about 1 kilo and is +/- 25 cm long.

Here’s a picture to show how it looks with a living pig. Intentionally I put in the bowl.

This is one-year old 1-kilo guinea pig.

A guinea pig, being a grass-feeding animal, produces a lot of bio-waste!

– In the cage the guinea pig can stretch itself, but still it will lay chock-a-block. And, having no centralized toilet area , it will always be covered with it own excrement. To keep the guinea pig cage relatively clean, it is necessary to change the bedding at least twice a day.

– Young guinea pigs are very energetic and jumpy. They become cheerful spontaneously and the animal will jump and run headlong so the bowls will be turned upside down (or the feed will be scattered around) regularly.

– I didn’t like the fittings very much. Despite firm linking it’s hard to fix them fast. Personally, I prefer normal fittings to these nano-technologies.

– These animals don’t like to be closed down so a side door would be better.

– Too much space between the ribs doesn’t allow the cage to be used for other animals. It could be used for keeping a hamster, but it could easily slip between the ribs, or for an old rat, since I strongly doubt that it could stick its head between the ribs.

This cage could be used as a temporary home for guinea pigs in pet shop, which are tiny and grow slowly because of underfeeding. After a couple of months of good care , you will need a new and larger cage for guinea pigs.

You could use it as a carrier, but only in warm calm weather. In this instance, you should sew a case so as your pet won’t be stressed.

It is a convenient cage for a sick pet, but with good care you won’t need it. For such an occasion you can simply put your pet in a big cardboaard box.

So, you decide. Despite its initial low prize the next expenses will be higher. It’s better to purchase a good apartment for your pet which costs you something like $100 (a second-hand cage can be even cheaper), and enjoy communication with your guinea pig.

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