Glucose meter with big display

Our family had a glucose blood meter, my mother had to control her blood glucose level constantly. It served us seven years instead of four years it was guaranteed to serve. Our glucose meter didn’t have a battery, so we had to throw it away and buy a new one. The model we were used to was not available, so we chose another one. We asked for a glucometer without extra confections and without reminders as my mother didn’t have to measure her glucose level hourly.

We were offered the One Touch Select glucose meter. It is easy to use and is like the former one which Mother was used to.

Also there was a special offer – 10 test strips inside, plus 25 additional strips. And, as everyone knows, the test strips are very expensive.

The glucose meter is small and fits in the palm and it is easy to operate. Before the first use, it is necessary to make sure that figures on the screen and the figures on the strip container are the same. If they are different, you just push the pointer on the glucose meter until you reach the necessary figure.

Then you insert the test strip as far as it will go and put a drop of blood on it – that’s all, the process is complete.

The stick for puncturing is shorter than previous one – we had a longer one so mother had to get used to this one. But there’s an advantage: mother says it punctures more gently.

There’s a case where everything is put to its place and is being fixed so that the accessories do not become messed up. There is even a  place for a pen and small notepad, if you would like to write something down.

The glucose meter has a memory – it can save the 350 previous results. It is useful if you want to see how your glucose level was changing. The uncertainty is minimal and the battery is changeable so the device is practically eternal. The display is convenient – big with large figures – it suits people with bad eyesight, which is important for people with diabetes.

A long detailed instruction is attached. Everything is explained and there are illustrations.

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