Glucose meter OneTouch Vita

The endocrinologist gave me a glucose meter, OneTouch Vita, in order to measure the sugar in my blood. It is in a black cloth zip-through cover. There is a partition for the test strips and replaceable lancets inside, and there is also a tool for punching holes in the finger. There are 10 strips and also 10 replaceable needles in a set. The battery is already inserted in the glucose meter. We insert the test strip in the glucose meter, we place blood on the strip, blood is accepted and we wait for five seconds and we read the results. The memory is 500 measurements. My glucose meter is adjusted not in mmol on liter, but in a milligram on decilitre, so that 1 mmol/l = 18 mg/dl. This is even more convenient than in mmol, and the values of measurements are more exact.

It is possible to establish a mark at each result: on an empty stomach, before eating and after the meal. Before purchasing the OneTouch Vita glucose meter, I had an old Accu-Chek compact Plus, but it  began to  return wrong results. The new One Touch Vita lucose meter provides values very close to those from the laboratory. I use strips with the same brand name–One Touch Vita–therefore I lost no sleep over the codes,. Immediately, everything worked by itself. It is written on the box that the coding isn’t needed. Generally, the glucose meter is quite good, if you find one  on sale by accident and you don’t know whether to buy or not, you can safely buy;  it has been checked out by me.

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