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My family has had to face a terrible diagnosis: Diabetes. Probably everyone has at least heard of this disease the consequences it has if let loose. The endocrinologist recommended attending the  polyclinic and taking a blood test to control my glucose level. Of course, they prescribed a lot of medicine, pills and injections for me.

I started searching for articles written by professional doctors. The first thing I learned is that it is necessary to clarify which factors affect the glucose levels. For a number of days one should take a blood test before eating, 2-2,5 hours after eating, before driving and immediately after, and so on. You must learn what affects your system and how. For that you must buy a blood glucose meter and keep a diary.

The device description:

  • I bought a blood glucose meter «OneTouchSelect» in a set. The box contained the blood glucose meter itself, 10 test strips, a stick and lancets (needles for pricking). All this was in a bag which is convenient to carry + a box with 10 test strips. Batteries are included.
  • The whole set cost me $38.80 in an online drugstore.
  • This blood glucose meter doesn’t request permanent coding. It is supposed to enter the code only once but I didn’t have to do it because everything was programmed already. (what is coding? It is necessary to set a number on the display. The number is on the box with the test strips. There are some blood glucose meters which must be coded before every use. It is quite inconvenient and takes time. There are also blood glucose meters which don’t need coding at all but I didn’t buy such model as I heard bad opinions).
  • The stick for puncturing is very convenient, the effect is immediate. It’s possible to set the depth of puncture; there are 9 variants of depth.
  • As the drop of blood appears you should put the blood glucose meter to it and the device will suck the necessary quantity of blood. In ten minutes the results will be shown on the screen.
  • The expendables are single use. The needles – they are called lancets – in drugstores cost a bit over 3 dollars for 10. The test strips cost 22 dollars for 50.
  • The device is produced in Switzerland by Johnson&Johnson

In addition, I would like to say something to those who have faced this disease and are confused. It is not enough to take the medicines. You should change your entire lifestyle.

In our particular case: my husband’s level of glucose in his blood was 13. For several years, he had the symptoms but didn’t pay attention to them and told me nothing. Once he complained about his health, he took the test and learned the truth.

I persuaded him that he should give his body a chance to put itself right without medicines (maybe I am not right). He didn’t take a single pill and walked an hour every day, ate only food acceptable for people with diabetics (and now he continues doing so). His glucose level reduced to 6 within 9 days. Now his level is between 5,8 and 6. He does the test several times per day.

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