Glucose meter One Touch Select

During my pregnancy,  I received the diagnosis–It was gestational diabetes.This type of diabetes comes upon some women during pregnancy and most often it subsides after the delivery by itself.

The endocrinologist asked me to buy a glucose meter and to start keeping a diary of the glycemic level (the fasting blood sugar test and Non-fasting), and at the same time I kept a diary of food (what, when and how many I ate).

The glucose meter I chose, I wouldn’t need long. I studied the responses/prices on the Internet and I decided in favour of the glucose meter One Touch Select.

There are the normal responses. There is an acceptable price. There is an availability of the consumables (lancets and test strips). This device is on sale in practically every drugstore. Besides, where I ordered there was some stock and the purchase came worth the money to me.

In kit form there is: the glucose meter, the handle for piercing, test of strips, lancets (10 pieces of each) and a cover.

What can I tell about this device?

  • It does a good job.
  • It is convenient to use. If you have never used one and don’t understand how this thing works I will explain. You insert a lancet into the handle for piercing. You insert a test strip in the glucose meter. You charge the handle. You puncture a finger. You squeeze out a drop and you bring this drop to a test strip . If you did all this correctly, a result will be on the screen in 5 seconds. Everything is very simple actually. You must study the instruction before the first application and look at the video on the internet several times so that you will not waste strips.
  • The price of the first set was quite acceptable as I have already written but when there was a need to purchase expendables I was horrified!! But, this is a problem of all glucose meter as I think, because all test strips cost much the same (+ /- $3)

Today, I need to measure blood sugar five times a day or every other day.. This means I need 75 test strips and 75 lancets per month. Today, it is about $40-$50 per month.

But, I learned to save a little. 

First, naturally, the larger the package count is, the cheaper it is. Analyze the prices for 25 strips and for 100, for example.  It is better to go to the expense and to buy 100 at once.

Secondly, both “original” lancets (needles) and “universal” lancets and MICROLET BAYER match with this glucose meter.

“Native” lancets cost about $17 for 100 pieces (17 cents/piece), “Universal” lancets cost about $6 for 50 pieces (11 cents/piece), Microlet lancets cost about $12 for 200 pieces (5 cents/piece).

I discovered it myself in an experimental way. Though the druggist convinced me that needles of Microlet won’t match with it , neither “origin”, nor “universal” lancets were available at that moment. I was too tired o run and look for it too. I risked and bought. Any old thing did PERFECTLY! The lancets are embedded into the handle normally. The finger is pierced. Blood appears. The price is 2-3 times less.

One more important point is ACCURACY!! And after all this, the accuracy is low!!! The error is about 0,6 by my calculations . Though people say in very many responses that it is nice. I don’t agree absolutely!!! I tell: I have gestational diabetes. At first, I measured my blood  sugar daily, 4-5 times a day. I kept a diary of the glycemic level. The indicators of the glucose meter were absolutely average; I even would say that they were good. And I have even thought that there was a mistake; that the diabetes was gone. Once I took a blood test from a vein (pregnant women take a blood test once each 2 weeks) and all my pleasure disappeared. It never was a normal indicator –it was always high. So I calculated that the error rate was about 0,6 in an experimental way. Keep that in mind.

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