Glucose meter One Touch Select Simple

The test system of blood glucose level One Touch Select Simple can become your most valued device in the house if you are ready to put up with its small faults… for the rest it is an excellent set.

Such a system will be the little assistant for the avoidance of big problems for people who noticed occasional increases of the blood glucose level in themselves, who have diabetes or who have a genetic disposition to it.

It is only for self-testing! The test system is not your consulting physician, it only helps you not to miss an important point. Have your eyes in your head, but don’t self-medicate!

As you have already understood, the set is intended for quantitative measurement of the capillary blood glucose. The unit of measure – mmol/L

In the package there is:

  • The glucose meter One Touch Select Simple with the battery (it is a small pleasant gift from the producer)
  • 10 test strips of One Touch Select
  • The handle for piercing
  • 10 sterile lancets
  • Case
  • User’s guide
  • An instruction of sound signals at the high/low level of glucose
  • Warranty certificate

The glucose meter, test strips and the handle for piercing are in a white plastic case with rounded edges.

As for me, the case is too big for the contents. It would be possible to make it more compact so that it would be more convenient to carry with me. And, there is a very soft latch, it can be easily  opened.

The note made my day very much: “Do not store in the refrigerator!” Well, someone might decide to put test strips there …. But glucose meter!??

The handle for piercing of One Touch is compact, but it seemed short to me. I used the handle of another model earlier, and it lay in the hand more conveniently.

So, in spite of compactness of the internal products, in general the set is similar in size to a medicine chest. But, no one forbids you to take out everything and to carry them without the case.

The handle of the One Touch has a thought-out ergonomic design, but it isn’t absolutely convenient to draw back the “check” because the handle is very small.

The puncture depth is adjustable from the handle, which is a big advantage.

I won’t say that the difference is a half-meter in depth.  But it is morally more positive to put it on “two” and to think that you do not prick yourself deeply. This is such self-deception.

Now the matter will be about the test strips. Please be aware that the container needs to be stored hermetically! Open, extend a test strip, and close the cover quickly.

These test strips match the One Touch glucose meter. But their price … the first time you buy the strips separately, not in a set (and 10 pieces are not many), you understand why the glucose meter is at a cheap rate, the producers derive high profits from two-three packs of expensive test strips and the cost of a glucose meter.

Are 10 strips a lot for you?! Please be aware that they should be utilized within three months after opening if you don’t manage to use.

There are lancets One Touch Ultra Soft.  Blood should be got out from a finger … So the sterile lancets are necessary for receiving samples of capillary blood (it is sterilized by gamma radiation).

They are for  a single-use generally, but many people carry the glucose meter with themselves in a handbag without case + the puncturing handle, and they use a lancet 2-3 times … It is not correct, but I know, that such practices happens. It may be desirable to alcoholize a finger before the puncture! Or, you should sterilize in some other way!

Note: Do not use if the packaging is opened or the protective disk is defective or removed.

This glucose meter is very tiny. Perhaps, it only seemed so to me, but those earlier glucose meters were two times as large. You just can’t make them more compactly, but if you will carry it separately.  If it is carried in a case, it may not fit in every lady’s handbag. There is nothing superfluous in this glucose meter, there is only a connecter for insertion of a test strip and a screen. Everything works automatically without buttons.

The well-thought-out control system of blood glucose level comes from:

  • The systems of previously established signals of high/low blood glucose level;
  • The different symbols on the screen (they are marked in the different color) for the high and low glucose level
  • The instructions in a set (paper) allow write down recommendations of the doctor.

The symbols on the screen facilitate the use … if you know that there are:

    1. The symbol is designating “Result of the last test”
    2. The symbol is designating the instruction “Apply a Blood Sample on a Test Strip”
    3. The symbol is designating “The low-battery condition. Replace the battery as soon as possible”
    4. The symbol is designating “The battery low. Replace the battery immediately”

It is easy to reach the replaceable battery. The first time, it is necessary to clean up the cover foil between the battery and contacts.

The lid is hard, for now it doesn’t fall away self-willed. But “the night is yet but young”, we will reconsider the opinion in a year …

I recommend the product.  I won’t take off a star for the bulky case and small defects with the puncturing handle … but here the price of test strips is dear.

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  1. Hello. Can you charge the one touch select with electricity. Or once the battery is worn off you just have to buy a new one?

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