Glucose meter One Touch Select

I am familiar with a series of the glucose meters known as One Touch. Long ago, I worked in a drugstore. Therefore, when my grandmother needed a glucose meter, there was not a matter of choice–it was only One Touch Select. This model is perfectly suitable for the oldsters. The big screen, a large print and the convenient menu helps to get familiar with the process of measurement quickly and in the scrolling of results. It is very convenient that the code of the test strips doesn’t change (it’s always 25).

The convenient lancet device is a painless puncture! It is important that the site of the puncture can’t be alcoholized before the procedure. When alcohol gets into blood, it can react with the substance in a test strip, which influences the accuracy of the result!

The result of the analysis is slightly higher when using glucose meter, than the analysis of the laboratories. It is not an error! The glucose meters  are calibrated against blood plasma (and glucose is  only in the plasma) therefore the difference of indications of the plasma glucose level is about 12% higher, than it is whole blood glucose level. It should be borne in mind. The accuracy of the glucose meters is very high, the measurement range is wide.

Our family trusts it (all family members use periodically). The price of the One Touch Select glucose meter is quite reasonable we bought on the device (packing of test strips from 50 pieces was as a gift). The consumables cost not much relatively. There is a lifetime guarantee! A lot of my acquaintances and clients chose One Touch Select too and there were not any complaints from anybody! I recommend!

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