Glucose meter Bayer Contour TS

I read a huge amount of information about all the glucose meters which were on sale. I decided in favor of the glucose meter “Bayer Contour TS” because of the favorable reports about its quality and simplicity. Example of a post:  “It is really simple to use”. But, its advantages also came to the end at that! The shortcomings were found out by me:

1) There is the variance in the results of testing of a blood glucose level from laboratory results. The error is more than is declared by the producer. The error rate is more than 50% instead of the producer claimed level of 20%

2) The error between one after another testing results of the glucose meter is higher than 20%.

The testing of a blood glucose level was in full accordance with attached instruction manual of the glucose meter with use of test strips “Contour TS”! Perhaps I came across a flaw, but just the point! The communication with the consultant of the Bayer firm on their Hot Line came to nought. To say the least, the communication resembled the dialogue of the deaf-mute with the blind.

It is apparent that only grandmothers call them and they give the grandmothers apple-sauce, like you did something wrong. The service center for Bayer isn’t in my city, and they could help me not at all. So you must allow for the purchase. I will try to return it back to the drugstore where I bought this glucose meter. But, I feel that the dialogue will be not easy.

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