Glucose meter Accu-Chek Performa Nano

I purchased the “Accu-Chek Performa Nano” blood glucose meter for my parents. Fortunately, none of them has diabetes, but there is the necessity to control the glucose level. Factors include age, high blood pressure and excess fat.

Before buying I received a brief instruction in the drugstore on how to use the glucose meter. I got everything explained very quickly. Everything appeared fast and easy indeed. The price was low compared with other models – only $46.

Besides, this model has many advantages:

  1. The glucose meter itself is very small and light; it fits in my palm easily.
  2. The measuring time is only 5 seconds.
  3. There is an option to remind the user to measure after eating, if necessary.
  4. The glucose meter can work from 2 batteries which is enough for 1000 measures.
  5. It switches on and off automatically.
  6. There is a notification if test strip is past its expiration date.
  7. The measurement range is between 0,6-33,3 mmole/l.
  8. For people with diabetes, there is an alarm for 4 times.

It is very convenient that the set includes a bag. It can be attached to the belt.

The stick, syringe, the glucose meter itself, test strips, and needle – everything fits in the bag perfectly which is convenient while traveling. Also I liked the fact that the glucose meter indicates if the test strip is past its expiration date. Also, the large display and big readout are among the advantages. This is good for elderly people. Also, there is a glucose meter used before the puncture which provides some pressure and makes the blood come better.

The only disadvantage is that test strips are not always on sale. Sometimes, there is an urgent need and you can’t find them. If the glucose meter is meant for an elderly relative, it’s better to learn how to use it and then explain it to the old people. The instructions are very complicated and an older person may have difficulty reading the tiny letters.

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