Glucometer OneTouch Select

I bought this the glucometer for my mother as a gift. Mother is very happy. I will tell you why …

  • The glucometer is easy to use. It is quite suitable for elderly people. The print is large, the menu is simple, all is simple and clear.
  • It is possible to control sugar in dynamics. The glucometer remembers the last measurements ( tell the truth I don’t remember how many measurements are stored).  Besides, it calculates the average numbers over 7, 14 and 30 days. It is quite convenient and also useful.
  • There are requirements in a set. Of course test strips and needles will need to be bought then, but in the simplest state, the glucometer  has what it takes. In a set there was a cover, needles, the handle for piercing, 10 test strips and there was one more package of strips of 25 pieces on offer as a gift for me.
  • The I work at a pharmaceutical warehouse, therefore I have opportunity to buy goods with a minimum margin. This glucometer  costs me $19. Сome into line with me, it is low-priced.
  • I read in someone’s response that they measured blood sugar before and after eating. I did the same. The readings were different too
  • The producer provides a life-time warranty on the glucometer.

I recommend this glucometer! This device is qualitative, reliable and necessary! 

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