Glucometer One Touch Ultra Easy

One Touch Ultra Easy is my second glucometer, according to its use as well as to its characteristics. It was purchased in 2010.

As I`m a blond girl, my glucometer is pink. However, it can have different bright colors. In my opinion, it is important how your gadget looks. No matter that, it is for health.


Glucometer is small, compact, beautiful, precise. It provides results in only 5 seconds. It needs only a little drop of blood (half of that required for the label iCheck. The glucometer has memory for 500 measurements with fixation of date and time. Convenient, soft case with pockets for different things, lancets; perfect scarifier, the depth is regulated as necessary! The strips are prescribed in policlinics: 50 pieces for 2 months. (It is small for me. I buy them not for the One Touch Ultra Easy, but for my favourite one – iCheck). Its package is good for gathering flower seeds in the future.


  • Expensive strips – 50 pieces are about $35.
  • There are no average measurements for 14 days.
  • You have to encode strips and glucometer.

This glucometer is good as a spare variant!

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