Glucometer Contour TS

Many people don’t even suspect that they have diabetes before measuring the level of sugar in the blood!

Do you know what the first symptoms of diabetes are? Thirst and unexplained WEIGHT LOSS!

Only imagine… We are so glad that we have lost our weight, while not doing anything special.

Sometimes there is nausea s a bit in the evening, but it is such a trifle. Maybe we simply overworked.

You want to drink all time, but your eyes and legs swell… Some pimples appear on the back…a trifle! Probably you have eaten something allergic!

Then, somehow accidentally or not so accidentally, a GLUCOMETER comes into your hands…  and you begin the process of leading a healthy lifestyle and controling your health!

The same thing happened with me!

I bought this glucometer as a present for my mother-in-law and at the same time started to check my own level of blood sugar.

The glucometer is sold together with a bag for keeping it, a handle for the puncture, needles (lancets – 10 pieces).

This apparatus has already a battery–a big round one.

You should buy test stripes separately….


I think that this is one of the main reasons why the glucometer is not expensive itself. It looks like these strips pay it off!

The major peculiarities of the glucometer are:

  • You can get the result after 8 seconds.
  • You don’t need much blood.
  • It doesn’t require encoding.
  • It is easy-to-use for elderly people.
  • You can take the blood from a finger, a palm or a forearm.


Some words about the SCARIFIER (handle for puncture of finger):

  • -It has a button for descent of the needle.
  • -There is a handle (the back part itself) for the uplift for a new puncture.
  • – It has regulated tip, which regulates the depth of the puncture.

Pay attention! The needle must be used by only one person. Don`t break this rule, even if you are  members of one family!!!

It is easy to remove the needle. Take off the cap, press the square button for the needle`s descend and at the same time pull the bolt. The needle will drop out. Don’t reuse it!

In general, the glucometer is convenient and made from  high quality plastic.

On a note: the normal level of sugar in the blood is about 3,5 to 5 ml per liter.


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