Glucometer BIONIME

Glucometer BIONIME Rightest GM 550. It has high precision indications and is easy to use.

This glucometer has appeared on sale relatively recently. Its regular price is higher than other models which the label BIONIME has, but quality and accuracy are much better. I am a pharmacist, so I have to consult with clients who are choosing glucometers. That is why I know firsthand all the models, presented in Ukraine with the process of their set up and use. Also, I familiarize myself with difficulties which appeared during the analysis.

A significant advantage of this glucometer, BIONIME Rightest GM 550, is that it is very easy-to-use: you don`t have to enter the code when buying a new package of test strips—it happens automatically. Also, it has convenient navigation in the menu of the device, big display (47 mm х 33,5 mm ), memory capacity of 500 measurements, average results are available for 1, 7, 14, 30 and 90 days. The range of measurements  from 0,6-33,3 mole/liter. These are improved technical characteristics. There is a very convenient lanceolate device in the set, 10 lancets and 10 test strips.

High analysis accuracy is provided by the fact that test strips, designed for use with Bionime GM 550, have gilded electrodes and give absolutely accurate results. The analysis itself lasts 5 seconds. You need only 1, 0 mcl of blood for it (calibration is made using plasma). One of my clients has bought this glucometer for a little child (18 months old) suffering from serious form of pancreatitis. According to them, BIONIME Rightest GM 550 is absolutely precise (indications of three brands were compared). The only problem is that test stripes are not sold in all pharmacies, only in big ones.

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