Coffee machine Scarlett

When it is cold and cloudy outside and the time to get up has already arrived, only the smell of freshly brewed coffee can pull me from under the blanket. And now – at last! – I don’t have to take my position by the oven with a spoon in one hand and try to prevent coffee from boiling over. Now, I have the device for which I have searched so long – a coffee machine. I saw it at my friends’ home and became envious. As soon as I learned the price, I rushed to the shop! This wonderful coffee machine cost only about 10 bucks – peanuts!
For its price, it makes excellent coffee of a quality indistinguishable from coffee served in the best café. The coffee is ready in only 10 minutes. You can enjoy your drink all day long, because it remains hot unless the machine is off!

What is more, the device has following advantages:

  • Small size – only 20 cm high
  • Smart design – nothing extra to clutter up the clean lines
  • Reusable coffee filter
  • Meant for 4-6 cups (so you can treat unexpected guests)
  • Built-in hot plate (coffee will be hot for a longer time)
  • Carafe for coffee is glass, not plastic (which means a carcinogen-free drink)
  • Boiled coffee won’t leak (the device has a smart anti-leakage system)
  • Translucent scale for water – you will define necessary water quantity for 1 cup easily

One more absolute advantage of the device is its ease of care. I wash every removable part – there are three of them: coffee pot, container for filter and the filter itself – in hot water and let them dry. I am thankful to the manufacturers for quality and safety at such a low price! Finally, I took my coffee machine to my work place, because I spend more time here than at home. Very often we forget to turn the machine off. I left it on accidentally all weekend a couple of times – and it still works, no fire broke out! It didn’t evem smell burned! Only the coffee evaporated.
That’s how I got not only a perfect coffee machine but also everyday good spirits for a really low price!

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