Coffee Machine Krups

I`ve been using this coffee machine for about a month and now I am able to make some conclusions.

Pros of the usage are:

• Great opportunity to vary your leisure
• Different flavors
• Ease of brewing
• Reasonable price of the coffeemaker Dolce Gusto, unlike the other coffee machines, which cost about $1000

There are some cons (in my personal opinion):

• The high price of the capsules ($6 for 8 times). I consider that the manufacturer was wise in making an inexpensive coffee machine  and expensive content. It may suit you to treat yourself only occasionally.
• Capsules are only for one usage. You can cheat and use them twice, but instead of the milk and coffee, there will be almost clear water.
• Small container for the liquid – it’s really inconvenient for a big company.
• If you want to make a difficult drink (such as cappuccino, mochaccino) you need to use 2 different capsules. So first, you insert the one, pour 50 ml of the water, then remove it, insert the new and continue. As you can see, it takes a lot of time.
• Manual control. You must be attentive if you don’t want to spill the water.
• There is no measuring cup in the set. So I had to use the container from the multi-cooker in order to understand how much water I needed. Now I can do it by sight, but it was difficult the first time.
• A true coffee gourmet will not appreciate it, because coffee is filtered.

I haven’t been disappointed with the coffee machine. When I was buying it, I knew what I was doing. For me it’s pampering myself with tasty and available coffee. So many people, so many opinions, I think. In the final analysis, don’t expect wonders from it.

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