Coffee And Espresso Maker Coffee Machine (with smart capsules)

Who doesn’t love coffee today? Latte? Expresso? And there are so many others.

Agreed, it is pleasant to get up in the morning, spend 2 minutes and have a pleasant hot drink on your table, without leaving the house!

Recently my parents got this wonderful equipment and immediately purchased some capsules. We have already used it for three month. Must confess, we are thrilled to bits.

About this machine.

It has a very interesting design, and is quite stylish, yet it takes up a minimum amount of space in one’s kitchen.

We like that it does not constantly need to be washed. In order to clean it, in principle there is nothing to wash, except perhaps the socket which receives the capsule and the pallet where one places the cup, if some coffee accidentally falls upon it.

First use:

It consists of only three buttons, castor and a lever on it. We were puzzled by its simplicity thus we found it necessary to read the instructions to understand everything and proceed step by step. Once we understood everything (or so it seemed to us)… we began “cooking.”

Six capsules came in the coffee set. Thus the first we used made us happy to see that it did everything as it should. We then had tried to have one make coffee with milk. Unfortunately, this did not work. We reverted again to ALL the instructions as well as to the Internet. It finally became clear that for some types of coffee it is necessary to utilize 2 capsules: thus one with milk and one with coffee. Setting the machine to make coffee once more, this one turned out a delicious and highly aromatic beverage.

Of course, we were eager to try all types of coffee. Just for fun, we pried open the used capsule and it revealed only ground coffee.

We were tempted to utilize the grounds as a body scrub, thinking that this might be of interest. One of us suggested trying to utilize the used capsule to make another cup of coffee, but the results were nowhere near the same. The coffee was much too watery with very little taste.

Subsequent application.

It is very simple and convenient to use: turn on, pour water into the bay, insert a capsule, lower the lever, and finally press the red or blue button, depending on which drink you desire, be it cold or hot.

The maker should only be utilized by adults. Gradually we have bought additional capsules for various other beverages, however the cost is rather high.  We mention usage by adults only because, for instance, the machine makes hot chocolate, Nesquick for children as well as Nesti tea and any cold coffee drinks as well.

We believe that this is the coolest gift for anyone who may sometimes drink coffee, however it is ideal for a small family, as the water tank contains as much as 600 ml . Additional pluses about the machine are that the water tank does not heat up, thus it is impossible to be burned. All processes happen directly inside the unit. It is very easy to use – you cannot push the wrong button, and actually it cannot be broken. It would in fact, be very difficult to burn.

Finally, this coffee machine is not only easy to use but is a fine machine.  It will always quickly prepare wonderful coffee for you, as well as other beverages that your family will love.

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