Aquarium Eheim MP Aquastar 60 54 litres

All amateur aquarium owners begin with cans, bottles and small aquariums. But as people say, one leg of mutton helps down another, and instead of small aquariums come middle-sized and bigger ones. My idea seemed almost impossible. My new aquarium should be the same height as my old 20-litre one but its capacity should become three times as big. In other words, I wanted to squeeze it in the height of wall unit. Continue reading Aquarium Eheim MP Aquastar 60 54 litres

Aquarium Juwel Rekord 600 63 liters

What  can you watch endlessly? The sky, fire and water.

I got an aquarium for the relaxation and … for my cats. I thought that in the mornings, they would  be interested to look at small fish instead of  mewing in my ear. But, it was not to be.  In the mornings, they mew as before, and in the evening they watch “In the World of Animals – the Underwater World”  life. Continue reading Aquarium Juwel Rekord 600 63 liters

180-liter aquarium Juwel Rio

My family has proved that the saying “A cheapskate pays twice” is not always truthful. When we decided to change our aquarium for a bigger one, we decided not to be stingy, and to finally buy the one we have always wanted. Besides, the purchase was occasioned with my husband’s birthday, so It was my son’s and my gift for him. Continue reading 180-liter aquarium Juwel Rio

Juwel Rio Aquarium 180L

My husband has had his heart on an aquarium for a long time. At last, he decided to pursue his long timedream and ordered this miracle for  himself from an online store:

Volume: 180 l., Initially it seemed simply enormously big, but in time we got used to the size and we want even more. We decided that when we grow rich, this juwel rio aquarium will be in the nursery, and we will buy another. Continue reading Juwel Rio Aquarium 180L